We are proud to announce the theme for this year’s College Radio Day:


CollegeRadio_Preview croppedMany thanks to Paul Crutcher, adviser of XLR Lander Radio at Lander University for the inspiration for this great theme. Paul has produced a special 20-minute documentary called “The Soul of College Radio” that is also going to be featured in our keynote College Radio Day 1-hr Special! We are very excited that this year’s celebration on November 4 will also be our 6th CRD event! We think that this could be our best celebration of college radio yet!



If you have not yet registered, please do so here. It only takes about 30 seconds and is, of course, free!

For the first time ever, we are offering our specially designed CRD 2016 t-shirt in bundles for radio stations for students, faculty and staff to wear. These t-shirts are tagless Hanes and will feature our theme for CRD 2016: “Igniting the Soul of College Radio.” Individual t-shirts will be available to buy in October. The 10 pack features front print only, with the 20 pack featuring any college radio station logo on the back (one color). All bundles can be of different/varying sizes. Once you have purchased the bundle we will contact you for the sizes, and also for your station logo for the 20 pack bundle. This is a pre-order – all orders will ship in mid-October. If you need us to invoice your college first, please contact All orders due October 1st. We hope you’ll agree that these are our best t-shirts yet! (SEE IMAGE ABOVE) Bundles start at 10 t-shirts for $99 including free shipping.

You can now pre-order the t-shirts here:

We are also pleased to offer two brand new on-air promos for College Radio Day. This year we are happy to feature Sean Lennon, Moby and Alanis Morissette – all of whom pledge their support for college radio. We hope you will enjoy them and download them for on-air play. More promos are coming soon!

Here they are:


For those stations that registered by August 1st, we are shortly going to be producing your custom station sweeper. We will also be holding our LOOT BOX draw later in September. Stay tuned for more information about both these things.


As we get closer to November 4, please reach out to college radio stations near you and invite them to join this celebration. College and high school radio stations across the country are all welcome to participate in the one day that we come together to celebrate the important work that we do!

Last year was an incredible success, and even included a visit to the White House for a group of students representing the medium of college radio. We were presented with a letter from President Obama declaring his support for college radio! It really was an extraordinary day.

School is back in session, so let’s get to work and make sure that the whole country tunes in to what we are doing on November 4. Let’s be so good, that they never stop listening!

Long live college radio!

– The CRD Task Force!

Early Bird Registration for College Radio Day Ends on August 1st!

crd bannerJust a quick reminder that the end of this Monday is the end of early bird registration for College Radio Day (if your college radio station has not already registered). Of course, stations can still register after that date (up until the day itself on November 4) but if you sign up before the end of Monday you will:

  • Have your station be entered into our CRD Loot Box Draw. Your station could win a box packed with CRD 2016 t-shirts, stickers, buttons and more! Share the CRD spirit on November 4! 
  •  All stations registering by August 1, 2016 will also receive a custom made professional CRD station sweeper!

So, please take about a minute to head on over here to register your station for College Radio Day, on Friday November 4! As always, registration is always free – and has a host of great benefits for your station (such as a FREE Premium SoundCloud account for each station – (a $135 value) – with unlimited online audio storage!

Very soon we will be sharing lots of exciting plans for CRD 2016! Stay tuned for more updates as we start gearing up for the big day!

Long Live College Radio!

– The CRD Task Force

Vinylthon 2016 a huge success!

50 radio stations across the USA took part in the first ever college radio VINYLTHON, on Saturday, April 16.

vinylbedDuring the day long event, students, community volunteers, staff and faculty played music from vinyl records only. Four stations decided to do an entire 24 hours of vinyl-only music:

KMNR 89.7 FM – Missouri University of Science and Technology
Radio BUX – Bucks County Community College
WUSB – Stony Brook University
WVTC Tech Radio – Vermont Technical College

To see a list of all the participating stations, please click here.

A 5-minute highlight reel has been produced that captures just some of what was happening across the country:

Founder of College Radio Day, Rob Quicke, said that the event was “exactly as we hoped it would be – filled with fun, passion and great music!”

Quicke also added, “the idea of this Vinylthon in conjunction with Record Store Day made complete sense because college radio is still probably the only remaining broadcast medium that regularly plays music on vinyl. We are very happy with the response that the event received from both the broadcasters and the listeners. Vinythlon 2017 will definitely be happening!” The event also saw support from Record Store Day who posted to their followers on Facebook “Know what we’re listening to as we go between record stores on Saturday.”

The College Radio Foundation now turns its attention to the annual College Radio Day event, coming on November 4, 2015.

The Vinylthon is coming!

Image courtesy of WMSC 90.3 FM, who are also participating in the Vinylthon.

On Saturday, April 16, 46 college radio stations from across the USA will participate in the first ever college radio Vinylthon!

To see an updated list of participating stations please click here.

To see an updated Vinylthon 2016 College Radio Programming Guide, please click here.

We hope that you will tune in to a participating college radio station this Saturday and enjoy the pleasure of listening to vinyl music!

First College Radio Vinylthon Unites College Radio Stations on Record Store Day

vinylthon group2

Forty campus stations across the country will come together for the first ever college radio Vinylthon on Saturday, April 16, also Record Store Day.

This inaugural Vinylthon, being organized by the people behind the national College Radio Day event every Fall, will see college radio stations broadcasting special programs entirely with music played from vinyl records only. Some stations have also pledged to broadcast a full 24 hours of nothing but vinyl music.

Founder of College Radio Day, Dr. Rob Quicke, says “the idea of this Vinylthon in conjunction with Record Store Day makes sense because college radio is still probably the only remaining broadcast medium that regularly plays music on vinyl. A lot of college students still buy vinyl at record stores and then bring them to the studio to play them on the air.”

During the day participating stations will Tweet their vinyl playlists using the #vinylthon and #vinylthon2016 social media tags and will post pictures of their prized vinyl collections on Instagram and Facebook. They will also encourage listeners to call in with requests and to share their own love of the vinyl format.

“We want to remind everyone that for college radio, vinyl is still very important,” says Quicke. “Before computer algorithms and commercially-driven streaming services there was college radio. And we passionately believe that we are still the best musical curators out there!” added Quicke.

Excitement is high among participants as they get ready for Saturday’s event. “It’s a great way to celebrate the spirit of college radio stations and independent record stores, and I’m honored to be a part of it,” said Donald Wagenblast, DJ at WTSR 91.3 FM, The College of New Jersey. Rachel Frederico, Development Director at KDUR at Fort Lewis College in Colorado, added, “KDUR has been spinning vinyl for a very long time and will continue to for as long as we are on the air. We are excited to see so many other college stations do it too. Long live college radio and vinyl!”

The event is being organized by the College Radio Foundation, a non-profit charity based in New Jersey, that also organizes the annual College Radio Day event (this year on November 4). The CRD event unites hundreds of USA college radio stations every year and has been recognized and supported by such luminaries as President Obama, Moby, Coldplay, Wilco, Andrew WK, Aviici, The Lumineers, and Wyclef Jean, among others. TIME has called College Radio Day “a nationwide movement, illuminating the cultural significance of student-run radio.”

To see the updated list of participating stations, please click here.

Announcing our first college radio VINYLTHON!


As you may know, College Radio Day unites hundreds of USA college radio stations every year (this year CRD will be November 4thregister here for free).

Saturday, April 16, is Record Store Day, and who better to celebrate the importance of vinyl music than college radio!

We therefore invite all college radio stations across the country to join us for our first ever VINYLTHON! This will take place on April 16, which is Record Store Day across the country and the world. It’s a day for college radio stations to play vinyl as much as possible.

The idea makes sense because we hear that college radio stations already, across the country, do events every year involving Record Store Day, and this will be a nice way for us to unite together once more. After all, college radio is still probably the only remaining radio medium that regularly plays music on vinyl. Let’s remind everyone that for many of us, vinyl is still very important.

What do you have to do? Sign up here for free if, on Saturday April 16, 2016, you can commit your station to playing at least an hour of music programing entirely from vinyl (preferably longer if you can).


  1. During the day Tweet your vinyl playlists/plans to @collegeradioday and use the hashtag #vinylthon and #collegeradioonrecordstoreday or even #joysofvinyl if you want! Also include the official RSD twitter if you want @recordstoreday
  2. Instagram! Send us your pictures of your station’s vinyl collection. During the day post pictures of your DJs with their vinyl, personal collections and favorites, etc. Explain why you love vinyl! Again use #vinylthon and #collegeradioonrecordstoreday and tag us @collegeradioday on Instagram!
  3. Help get the word out to the media that college radio is doing this event across the country! Use Facebook and your own websites to get the word out! We will also list your station as participating in the vinylthon on our own website:

We hope that some stations will take the plunge and go for a whole 24 hours of vinyl only! Again, it’s free to register, and we hope you’ll join us for this fun event!

Long live college radio!


Rob Quicke
Founder, College Radio Day


College Radio Day welcomes new President!

Greetings to all who read this! seanm

My name is Sean McDonald, and I am excited to introduce myself as the incoming President of College Radio Day! I would like to thank the Board of Directors for the College Radio Foundation for placing their trust in me to carry on and enhance the CRD experience for a new generation of college radio students. I’d also like to publicly thank Anthony Saia for all of his work as President, and for allowing me to serve along side him last year. Anthony is a champion for college radio, and put in countless hours to ensure that CRD is a success for many years to come.

College Radio Day has one simple, yet important mission: Celebrate the importance and power of college radio. To anyone who has ever stepped in to a college radio station, turned on a mic, cut a promo, mixed a live band on the air, found your first spin in the pile of CDs submitted, or just answered the station phone: you get it. You know the rush of adrenaline, the excitement mixed with nerves. You know what is like to be a part of something special. Yet, somehow, 99.7% of your peers and faculty do not know what we experience, or even worse, that our school has a radio station.

CRD is OUR holiday, endorsed by The White House, and proclaimed by many governors and members of Congress. This is the day that we shine a spotlight on the hard working students who spend late nights in studios hidden in a small corner of the campus that most will never see editing the same 15 seconds over and over again until it’s just right. On this day each year, we celebrate the students who have the great ear for finding a new band that deserves to be heard by the masses. Once a year, we let others in on something that we’ve known all along: college radio is more than hitting the post on that song. College radio is the reason that you’re hearing that song in the first place.

On Friday, November 4, 2016, join me and hundreds of college radio stations across the country as we celebrate the importance and fun of college radio on the 6th annual College Radio Day. More details will follow, so stay in touch with us on our various social media pages, and by visiting

I look forward to working with you to make CRD continue to be great! Long live college radio!



Announcing the 2015 Spirit of College Radio Award Winners!



It is with distinct pleasure that I announce this year’s Spirit of College Radio Day recipients for 2015 on behalf of the CRD Board. While all stations who participated in this glorious event went above and beyond, celebrating the day with their listeners, and hopefully getting a few more along the way, these stations shined just a bit brighter.

Here are the winners of the 2015 Spirit of College Radio Awards:

88.1 The ‘Burg – KCWU at Central Washington University

This station has broken the mold for what a College Radio Day celebration should be. Not only did the station get the Mayor of their town to proclaim the day, they got Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee to proclaim October 2nd as College Radio Day around the state. Furthermore, they put on a cool concert and did a glow parade through their town, showing the town of Ellensburg, the nation and the world how cool college radio really is. Congratulations!

90.3 FM WMSC at Montclair State University.

Not only did this station host a concert from 12AM to 6PM on College Radio Day, but they celebrated by hosting unique programming and even breakfast with their Morning Buzz team! In addition, the station also invited alumni back to the station mid-afternoon to host programming, then went live from their concert from there. The station then celebrated by doing a simulcast with WRBS at Brandeis University before kicking it back to the studio for LIVE in studio performances and finally out to their Quad to celebrate their University’s homecoming with a bonfire. An exhausting day for all, but they made Montclair State University and College Radio Day very proud. Congratulations!

KLBC Radio and KCTY Radio “The City” Long Beach City College

For the second year in a row these stations from Long Beach City College organized and put on a massive televised concert for their community, and also broadcast it around the world, showcasing local musicians. In addition, part of their concert was featured on the CRD 24-Hour National Marathon. As some of you know, pulling off a concert of this magnitude is no small feat. It was obvious that a huge amount of work and passion was put into their CRD celebrations. Our hats off to you cool cats at LBC!

KTRU Rice Radio at Rice University

Fighting back from their broadcast license sale in 2010, K-Tru remained vigilant hoping that one day, their station would return to the terrestrial airwaves. On October 2nd, 2015, K-Tru fired up their new transmitter to kick off the first ever College Radio Day 24-Hour National Marathon in the United States. Congratulations to KTRU, Emily Meigs and Will Robedee for all your triumphs!

KRUX 91.5 FM at New Mexico State University

Not only did this station at New Mexico State University celebrate a birthday on College Radio Day, but they participated in the CRD National Marathon, stepping into a time slot at the very last minute, and also had some killer programming to go along with it! Not only that, but KRUX was also able to announce a brand new radio antenna on College Radio Day extending their broadcast power from 1000 to 3000 watts. Their passion and energy for college radio is awesome! Keep swimmin’ against the mainstream, Aggies!

Radio 1190 at University of Colorado Boulder

Without the help of this station there would not be the coolest t-shirts on the planet! Radio 1190, along with many other sponsors helped the College Radio Foundation make t-shirts to send out to all those registered for CRD via a random drawing. In addition to their own station celebrations, they also contributed a brilliantly creative 5 minute segment for our one-hour simulcast that was played on many stations on the day. Their feature really encapsulated the passion and uniqueness of college radio.

Lastly, I want to congratulate all of you (students) for participating in college radio. Not just on College Radio Day, but every single day of your college career (and maybe a little after). Cherish the moments that you have when you are owning the airwaves. It won’t last forever, but it’s amazing while your there!

Long Live College Radio!

Anthony Saia
College Radio Day, President, 2015

New Music Faster: Jean Pool


Here at New Music Faster, we are proud to present to you Jean Pool – an alternative psychedelic indie soul-punk band, born in Jefferson, NJ. Members include Dan Decapio (guitar/vocals), Dan Barrechia (guitar/vocals), Paul Brusher (bass), and Brad Odgers (drums). This podcast features Dan B and Brad discussing Jean Pool’s new and upcoming EP, Wet. They also explain their expanding style of funk infused with punk, and tell the tale of the weirdest show they’ve ever played.  12108250_892745964135110_520758731407256890_nThey also don’t like to have their music pigeonholed!

Their music is available at

Updates about their EP can be found on

Listen to our exclusive interview with Jean Pool by Heather Cook:



New Music Faster: Morningside Lane


Morningside Lane
is an American Indie pop-rock band hailing from Bergen County, NJ. Members include Marc Del Giudice (lead vocals/guitar), Jon Khan (lead guitar/vocals), Jake Donofrio (bassist), and Ori Yekutiel (drummer). Morningside Lane have toured the US, UK and Canada playing national shows and local shows while also hitting underground basement shows in New Jersey. Their newest EP, Recovery Signs, is now available via iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify:

In an exclusive interview for New Music Faster, Heather Cook asks the band about their music, their inspiration, and, of course, their plans for the future.