Announcing the Official Sponsors of College Radio Day 2016!

We are delighted to announce the official sponsors of this year’s College Radio Day. We appreciate the support that these sponsors have for college radio and the students that create it. Most of the sponsor money that these organizations have provided is immediately turned around and given back to college radio stations in the form of station grants via our College Radio Fund.

Please visit this page to visit this year’s official CRD 2016 sponsors.



It’s nearly time…


For the music.

For the programming.

For the training ground that it is.

For the voice it gives to the students.

For the way it champions its community.

For the friends and the good times.

For the way it changes lives

It’s time to do something to support college radio.


….more info coming very soon….

What’s Cooking: Plans for College Radio Day #2

Less than 25 days until THE…BIG….DAY! Plans are already taking shape across the country. Here’s a brief update about what some stations are planning for College Radio Day on Friday, November 4.

  • thebeatWMHW-FM Mt Pleasant at Central Michigan University  are going to be on-air for 24 hours on both their stations, Mountain 91.5 and 101.1 The Beat. In addition to this, they are going to run a fundraiser for the station. For each donation, they will spend a specified amount of time of the roof of their broadcasting building doing a live remote broadcast. “We hope to raise a bunch of money and spend some time up there on beautiful November day!”


  • z987Z98.7 at Piedmont College are planning to host special radio shows throughout the day from 9 am to 5 pm. Topics and music will be chosen by the different on-air hosts. The staff will also be wearing the College Radio Day t-shirt on campus to celebrate with everyone around the country!



  • wpfsWPFS 105.9 Proud Fighting Scots Radio at Monmouth College is giving the campus a break from the election so people can vote for what really matters, their favorite WPFS student show! In preparation for the kickoff of their new show featuring new and undiscovered music artists, they will be holding a debate on what College Radio “was meant to be” with some of their radio DJ’s, undercover artists, and more. The college community can take a break before the election and come vote for their favorite student shows and celebrate WPFS’ one year anniversary!


  • bluestormBlue Storm Radio at Southwestern Illinois College will be broadcasting a variety of material for most of the day beginning at 10:00am including: interviews with college and community leaders, local music, the first live weekly broadcast of “SWIC Radio Cafe” from the Kamm Student Lounge highlighting student organizations and college activities. College Radio Day is also a great time to feature some vinyl – so DJs will be spinning wax throughout the day. Also, this is a significant year for Blue Storm Radio as their college is celebrating its 70th birthday!


Stations can let us know their plans by completing this form here. More news and station updates soon!

The Finland Report (Part Two): Day Two & Farewell


The second day of the Alternatives2016 conference in Lahti, Finland was at the FellmanniCampus, at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences. This brightly-lit, glass walled building was in the heart of Lahti and was full of students attending classes and working in the library on the ground floor. It was a spectacular space to be in, and people commented on how inspired they felt by the location. I noticed a kitchenette area for the students that featured massive, body-length bean bags that the students took full advantage of as they used their cell phones and chatted with each other.

Our introductory session was at the top floor, floor five, and started with a recap of what we had covered the day before. The focus on day two was about interaction and we were split into four different groups to attend one of four workshops being presented for the conference attendees:

Bringing Students on Board. Managerial co-ownership of a university funded radio station by Mr. Chris Gilgallon, Lecturer in Broadcast Production, University of West Scotland (UK)

Taking International Collaboration to the Next Level, hosted by the Europhonica Project (GRE; SPA; POR; FRA)

Get REEL with New Students: Recruit, Engage, Equip & Liberate by Ms. Risa Pappas, Station Manager & Mr. Eric Dargis, Program Director, Brave New Radio, William Paterson University, NJ (USA)

Evolve or Die: Get out of the Basement, Engage your Community, Support Education and Play Some Damn Good music…or Else by Mr. Mikey Goldenberg, General Manager, Radio 1190/KVCU, Colorado (USA)


I attended the session by Mikey Goldenberg, although I did have a quick look at the other sessions to see how they were going. In Goldenberg’s session, among many things, we discussed the challenges of connecting with the student community as well as the larger one on campus and beyond. It was an engaging session fueled by the enormous energy of Goldenberg who initiated discussion throughout his presentation. It was also cool that Goldenberg brought along a lot of Radio 1190 swag – so that those attending were given various stickers and patches as well.

I had a look at the Get REEL session, being led by Risa Pappas and Eric Dargis from my own William Paterson University. There was animated conversation about the different approaches that stations take to recruiting and training their staff. It was interesting to see participants from other stations compare their own systems with each other and to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their different approaches.

The two hours went pretty quickly and it was time meet again as a larger group for a panel discussion about the conclusions drawn from the workshops. For me, this was an impactful moment – as now the leaders of the four workshops discussed with each other what they had discussed in the workshops and answered questions by the host of the conference, Ari Hautaniemi.






Then it was time for final words from Ari and we were done. I have to say that, in that room, there was a tremendous sense of connection. Over the two days many of us were now friends and there was excitement at how such collaboration and friendship could be applied through such events as World College Radio Day.

At the very end of Ari’s remarks, I presented him with an award on behalf of the World College Radio Day organizing board (of which I am President this year) to recognize the huge amount of work that Ari and his team put into the Alternatives2016 conference.

Just before we headed back to Helsinki, we had a quick tour of Limu Radio, the radio station that Ari and the students run from the campus of the university. We had a great time looking at their studio and checking out their equipment, before having one final group photo.



Overall, the conference was a huge success, and many of us headed back to Helsinki and then home, enthused by the possibilities of what we could achieve together and how we were all united by our genuine love for student radio. Here’s to next

lathi10time!  lathi11– Rob Quicke

The Finland Report (Part One): Alternatives2016

I have just returned from an incredible few days in Finland. A group of students and college radio leaders from around the world flew to Lathi, Finland to attend the Alternatives2016 student radio conference. It was billed as the 1st International Student Radio Conference, and as such had people attending from many different countries around the world including, Italy, Germany, USA, Greece, Scotland, Ghana, Sweden and, of course, Finland.

For many of those attending it was an opportunity for people to meet in person for the very first time. Having only communicated via Facebook and email for some time, this was an important moment to meet in the flesh and to spend time with one another.

For the first day, the venue for the conference was very apt indeed. Taking place at the Radio and TV Museum of Lahti at the Radiomäki hill, by the huge radio masts that overlooked the town, the lecture theater inside was where most of the action took place. lahti1 lahti2









The museum was technically ‘closed’ due to extensive renovations and is not scheduled to re-open until February 2017, but we were allowed to use the venue for the conference. Being surrounded by old broadcasting equipment lent a certain cool vibe to the event, and I gave numerous radio interviews  (and one TV News interview)  in front of the preserved equipment panels and control booths.

After the introductory remarks from Tiia Tiainen, from the Radio and TV Museum and Ari Hautaniemi, our host and organizer from Limu Radio, I was up first to deliver my presentation. I talked a little about my own history of working in college radio, and then it was mostly about the idea of College Radio Day, and how World College Radio Day came out of that idea and spread to 43 participating countries around the world. I think it went well.

Speakers after me included Patrick Quinn, from Glasgow Caledonian University; Eva Gustavsson & Ms. Madeleine Ruuth, from Studentradion in Sweden; Gilbert Granholm, University of Tampere, Radio Moreeni in Finland; Tiziana Cavallo, University of Verona in Italy; and Dr. Abubakari Sidick Ahmed, from the University of Ghana. All speakers were fascinating in presenting how different college radio is in each country and presenting how the stations face challenges and struggles in each country. It was a reminder that, although we are individually part of very different cultures and countries, many of the challenges we face are very actually very similar. Issues such as lack of funding, lack of enthusiasm from the university at large, and difficulty in measuring the listening audience, rang true for many of those in the audience.


At the end of the first day, Mr. Joni Heinonen, one of the founding members of Lahti’s first local independent radio stations, Rytmiradio, and a longtime radio personality, delivered a closing speech that resonated with many present who had a love for rock and roll music and the glory days of the 1960s and 70s. Heinonen talked about college radio from the point of view of a traditional radio DJ who’s seen the evolution from LP’s to digital music playlists, and from the perspective of a man who had personally played with artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who and the Beach Boys. I think many in the audience enjoyed his war stories of his time in the radio trenches!

The first day was a great success – also with a nice ‘geocaching’ group exercise in the early afternoon to break up the presentations and get us wandering outside with our GPS tablets trying to find the winning cache hidden in the grounds of the museum! It was also another opportunity for us to get to know each other in a fun, informal way.


Finally, dinner was provided for all those attending (about 90 or so people were registered for the conference). The venue was quite unexpected. The KERMA VIP lounge is an events venue that is quite unique: the venue has been built in an old factory building that was used to make dairy products such as yoghurt and pudding! As we entered the factory we were led downstairs into the underground factory with its gleaming steel pipes overhead and a huge dinner buffet awaiting us. Making the venue even better was an all-vinyl DJ set playing laid-back jazz as we ate, drank and networked with each other.  It was a great way to end an already very full day!

At the conclusion of day one, there was already a sense that many of us had connected well to each other. These connections would only further deepen on day two – when we would get down to the nitty gritty of the workshops selected for the conference attendees. More on the second day in my next report!

– Rob Quicke



The time has come: Apply for radio station grants!

We are delighted to announce this we are offering five radio station grants to college radio stations this semester. We have taken most of our sponsorship money and turned it into five grants that all College Radio Day participating stations are eligible to apply for. This is the first round of grants from our new College Radio Station Grant program which is a part of our College Radio Fund.

crfundlogoPlease visit this page to find out more, and to click on the application link!  We will also announce the recipients of this first round of grants on College Radio Day, November 4.

What’s Cooking: Plans for College Radio Day #1

With just a little over 30 days to go until College Radio Day on November 4, we are already hearing about some exciting events that stations across the country have planned for the big day.

  • 1005810_716999165001281_1758608954_nWVYC at York College of Pennsylvania are panning to have three local bands on campus to perform throughout the day. They will be doing giveaways all day for concert tickets, and gift cards from businesses in York. Also, This year is the 40th Anniversary of WVYC being established, so the station is having a dinner on October 1st, and throughout the the day of the actual anniversary in November they will be doing special programming.
  • the-prowl97.1 The Prowl at the University of South Alabama are going to be promoting their new LPFM station that is now available on FM at 97.1 The Prowl. They launched their low-power FM station on September 16, 2016. There will be live broadcasting from several locations on our campus and they will have a street team promote 97.1 The Prowl. They are giving away t-shirts and other goodies leading up to CRD for an entire week long celebration of CRD!
  • wkncWKNC 88.1 FM at North Carolina State University are hosting a Fridays on the Lawn concert on College Radio Day, showcasing North Carolina bands. Started in fall 2009, Fridays on the Lawn is a regular concert series that brings local music to the front of Witherspoon Student Center, where the radio station is located. Also, WKNC 88.1 FM celebrates their 50th anniversary as an FM broadcaster on Oct. 9, 2016 (although NC State Student Radio has been in continuous operation since 1944)!

What’s your college radio station planning for College Radio Day on Friday, November 4? Let us know here.

50 days until College Radio Day!


With now 50 days until College Radio Day, we wanted to give you a brief insight into what’s cooking for the big day on November 4th:

  • In our special 1-hr College Radio Day simulcast exclusive interviews with Sean Lennon, Jeremiah Fraites from The Lumineers, Nikki Silva from NPR’s Kitchen Sisters, Lee Loughnane from the band Chicago and many more to come!
  • A special documentary called “The Soul of College Radio” by Paul Crutcher, GM of XLR Lander Radio, Lander University
  • Brand new promos for college radio stations to air are now ready – with more promos and sweepers to come!
  • We are putting together our special CRD Loot Boxes that will be sent to lucky stations randomly drawn from the hat!
  • We are working on the special custom station ID/liner for those stations that signed up by August 1st!
  • Our awesome CRD 2016 T-SHIRT is still available to buy individually and in specially priced station bundles here! The deadline to order is October 1st!

Plus there is a lot more in the works as well. So if college and high school radio stations have not yet registered, please do so!

Stay tuned for more updates!

College Radio Reality: Crunching the numbers…


How do stations celebrate College Radio Day? Does it have any benefit for them?

Just under two months to go until College Radio Day 2016. On November 4 we expect college radio stations from across the country and also worldwide (celebrating World College Radio Day) to celebrate the medium of college radio. In many ways, it’s difficult to keep track of what stations are doing for this event, and certainly almost impossible to actually hear all that radio broadcasting!

For us, this is the tricky part. It’s a bit like being a kid in a candy store being told that you can have as much candy as you can physically carry. Sure, that’s a lot of candy, but you can imagine how tortuous it is to see just how much more candy you will never get to!

So last year we offered a survey to college radio stations that participated in College Radio Day. We really wanted to know how they celebrated and how they thought we could do better for this year. The results were utterly fascinating. They really give a true (albeit limited) snapshot of how stations use College Radio Day and harness the occasion for their own good.

For example, of those stations that completed the survey, 94% of them said that they broadcast special programming for the day; 64% said that they had live music in the studio or somewhere on campus; 52% said that they had on-campus activities and also had special interviews on the air. Many stations did all of these activities and more. Some stations had special fundraising drives, had guest DJs (including inviting alumni back) on the air and many stations offered raffles, free food, had outdoor remotes and concert ticket giveaways as well!

98-5-wnuwThe Staff of 98.5 WNUW celebrating College Radio Day!

Even though the survey was not completed by every participating station, it’s still a valuable snapshot of the energy and passion that students, community volunteers, faculty and staff pour into this event every year. And yet…we still know that many more special events and activities happen that we never hear about!

So we also wanted to know how did the CRD event benefit the stations involved? Some of the feedback was as follows:

“Very successful at establishing our presence on campus as well as the community”
“It energized our students, and our alumni mentioned it”
“We got many artists in the station that we would not have pursued if we were not participating”
“There were more listeners than usual, so it was successful in that sense”
“This was an extremely successful event for us”

College Radio Day as an event is a unique thing really. There is no one single way to celebrate college radio, and as such, stations are literally doing their own things across the country during the day. It shouldn’t be any other way. Every station is different. From the survey we asked how stations celebrated in their own ways:

“Our station had a live concert on our cafeteria patio”
“We held a local artist showcase at our biggest local venue”
“We played 1,069 songs in a row”
“We ran a 24-hour broadcast”
“We did 12 hours of live music and interviews from local acts”

At CRD HQ we also heard about station BBQs, Dunk-A-DJ, food and clothes drives for local charities, CD and merch giveaways and student recruitment drives as well. It was impressive just how imaginative some of the events were.

Once in a while I do get an email from a station that contends that there is no benefit to participating in CRD. “What’s the point?” they ask. One such email said “there is no benefit to participating in CRD at all for us.” In my opinion, such a view is a failure of vision. College Radio Day is meant to be used by stations as a vehicle for them. CRD should be harnessed to raise the profile of the station both on and off-campus; to remind college administrators that they are alive and kicking and that it is an incredibly important resource for the students and campus community. I once even received an email that made the argument that a station would not be participating because they did not want to bring themselves to the attention of the university, because they would remind them that they exist and they feared their scrutiny!

It’s true that every college radio station is in a unique position, and I respect the difficulties that some of them may find themselves in. Yet, it is our hope that college stations can use College Radio Day to be a genuinely positive experience. When we come together nationally, even for just one day, we are reminding the entire country that we are still here, and we are the last bastion of truly independent radio programming that is both fearless and innovative. Now, surely that’s a good enough reason to celebrate, right?

– College Radio Reality is a monthly column written by Dr. Rob Quicke for