New Music Faster: The A-List 5/18/20

New Music Faster: The A-List 5/18/20

Someone’s Lost Their Goddamn Wallet – MAITA
“From her debut album, this track really shows what MAITA is capable of – commanding female vocals over indie-guitar undulations”

anteludium – Luke Schneider
“Taking the steel guitar to atmospheric, Floydian heights, sounds like an outtake to a Blade Runner film.”

Dream – Bart Budwig
“A nice rework of one of Bart’s oldest songs redone with a flavor of John Prine, Merle Haggard, Woody Guthrie, etc.”

The Fall of Paradies Empires – GALAXIES
“A short, but rad as hell punk jaunt from Malaysia. RAD.”

In The Name of Rasputin – Tons
“Heavier than tons of bricks. Crunchy riffs. Driving rhythms.”

– Anthony Saia

Lead Curator, New Music Faster