New Music Faster: The A List: 5/11/20

New Music Faster: The A List: 5/11/20

Here’s what we’re listening to this week:

Switch and the Tripstick – Ben Walden
“Brilliant guitar work here, from a fantastic artist in the Pacific Northwest.”

Takes Some Time – ghost gnotes
“Sometimes you just want to feel sad.”

witherwithoutyou – Jordan Seidel & Eric Singer
“Open, honest, and raw.”

Charming Lovely Nancy / Sleamhnán Lios Póil / Jazzin’ with Mag Leary – Caroline Keane
“Bright, enduring little jigs for all.”

The Alpha & The Omega – Illuminihilation
“A slow burn, with an intense rise and fall”

– Anthony Saia

Lead Curator, New Music Faster