We all did it! World College Radio Day 2021!

We all did it! World College Radio Day 2021!

On behalf of the College Radio Foundation, which organizes the World College Radio Day event, we want to express a HUGE amount of gratitude to everyone who took part.

Over 600 college radio stations in 40 countries participated, and that’s a lot of on-air radio programming, and many people who created it!

World College Radio Day is a day when we come together, united in our love of student radio and the opportunity it gives to have our voices and programs heard. There’s nothing else like it. Thanks for being part of it, and we hope you continue to participate each year!

The WCRD Cabinet and the CRD Task Force spent *months* of work in preparation for this event. Under the steadfast leadership of Eva Gustavfsson and Anabella Poland, this year has been a remarkable success, despite the continuing pandemic that has had such a disruptive effect on the world and our colleges and universities.

Our 24-Hour Global Marathon was listened to all over the world. It has truly been an amazing celebration. This was hosted by Live365, and made possible by a dedicated team at Radiophonica, Italy, under the production leadership of the sleepless Antonio di Caprio.

So, where do we go from here?

WCRD will be back in October 2022, hopefully in a world that’s in a much better place by then.

Before that, we hope to have Vinylthon 2022 in April, and to bring back the Alternatives Conference (Alternatives2022) in summer 2022 in Europe. All of this is COVID-19 permitting and to be confirmed.

As we continue to collaborate internationally, both virtually and in person, we look forward to bringing incredible opportunities for those involved with student audio and radio. With that in mind, we are launching the inaugural International Student Radio Awards in late 2022. We feel that it’s time that we recognize the excellent work being done by student radio stations around the world on a global level. More news to come early next year! These plans will mean there will be lots of opportunities for people to get involved, and we will be looking to invite as many countries as we can!

So, stay tuned for more information!

Long Live College Radio!

Rob Quicke on behalf of the College Radio Foundation