Golden Slipmat Award Announced for Vinylthon 2022

Golden Slipmat Award Announced for Vinylthon 2022

Radio stations across the country will be playing vinyl on Saturday, April 23, for the annual Vinylthon event, and many will receive special recognition for their efforts with a 2022 Golden Slipmat Award.

Vinylthon is an annual event for radio stations across the USA and the world to celebrate vinyl music by playing at least some of it using actual records and turntables. It’s also a fundraiser presented by the College Radio Foundation designed to provide scholarships for future radio broadcasters. 

Participating stations that play over 12 hours of vinyl-only on the day will be presented with the Golden Slipmat Award to recognize their deep passion for vinyl and will receive a pair of specially designed golden slipmats that they can use on their turntables or frame for the studio wall.

“There is no other award like it, and many stations that receive the award proudly display their hard-earned slipmats!” says Rob Quicke, Vinylthon founder.

The Golden Slipmat Award is designed and created by Glowtronics, a leading slipmat manufacturer based in Port Jefferson Station, New York, who donate all the costs and time to create them. Ronnie from Glowtronics says, “It is an absolute honor to be a part of Vinylthon’s Golden Slipmat Award. To every radio station participating in this year’s award, we are excited to have you on-board, and thank you for being a part of culture!”

As a charity event, proceeds raised will provide crucial Vinylthon Scholarships for students who are involved with radio at their college and want to work in the industry after graduation.   Vinylthon founder Rob Quicke says, “Vinylthon is all about supporting young people who aspire to careers in radio.” Quicke is also Faculty Advisor of WPSC 88.7 FM at William Paterson University of New Jersey. Vinylthon 2022 will be the seventh Vinylthon event, and it’s free for non-commercial radio stations to register. Commercial, public, and religious radio stations are invited to participate with a $99 donation for future broadcasters: “Radio broadcasters can invest in their future by investing in young talent today, so they can participate or even just donate to the cause,” says Quicke.