60 days until World College Radio Day 2020!

60 days until World College Radio Day 2020!

College radio friends,

We are proud to announce the official launch of this year’s theme for the 10th Annual World College Radio Day 2020 “Global Solidarity Rocks” and share with you our 2020 logo!

We’re off to a great start, with over 500 stations  from 29 countries around the world pledging to unite for World College Radio Day 2020. If your station did not register last year, or you would like to change your contact info, please complete and submit the registration form, so we know you’ll be with us for the big day. As always, registration is free and participating stations enjoy multiple benefits from amplifying our voices on this day.

If you would like to opt out from participating in WCRD, please complete the  Opt Out Form.

You can also now pre-order the official WCRD T-shirt from our website, so that your station’s students and  staff can wear it with pride leading to and on  October 2, World College Radio Day. We are currently  offering a discounted price for 10-pack or  20-pack bundles that include your station logo on the back. Click here to  order.

As always, we will have thrilling content, the legendary 24-hr Global Marathon, and other goodies to look forward to. We are cognizant that this year is bringing new challenges as some schools are online only, and others have limited accessibility to their station. However, our team has worked diligently to provide you and your team with extra assets that you can preload on your stations logs and also use on your socials to ring in the 10th Annual College Radio Day.

This year our theme is “Global Solidarity Rocks” because we unanimously feel the world is in dire need of the kind of solidarity we experience in college radio each year working with our worldwide partners. We are in this together!


On October 2nd the legendary 24-hr WCRD Global Marathon will take place. Here you will hear a mix of college radio from all over the world. Joined together in a broadcasting marathon selected stations will take turns providing our listeners with amazing radio shows.

Here you will find all the info needed to decide if your station wants to apply to be part of the marathon.

Who can be in the marathon?

The WCRD marathon is open for all college radio stations around the globe. However we always get more applications for participation than we can include into the schedule. No matter how much we would like to include everyone interested, it is not possible for our non-profit tech team to handle. To apply for a slot in the marathon you need to fill out the form below giving us all info required. From all the applications we will choose stations with the viewpoint of getting a good global spread, and also trying from year to year to include as many new stations as possible.

What’s required to be part of the marathon?

You need to apply to be part of the marathon, letting us know what kind of show/content you want to take part with. You need to have either a FM/webb stream for us to broadcast or to provide us with a pre recorded audio file in mp3 320kbs. Your steam needs to be at least 128 kbs stereo.

Deadline to apply

The deadline to apply for the WCRD Marathon broadcast is August 31.

Schedule for marathon

The schedule for WCRD Marathon 2020 will be presented on Friday Sept 4th.

When does the marathon start? 

The marathon will be hosted in Italy and start midnight Central European Time (CET)

What content should the marathon include?

The theme for WCRD 2020 is Global Solidarity Rocks! We want it to be included in your show, but you decide how you want to do it. For instance you could include interviews, discussions, music etc. All shows need to include music and sweepers for WCRD. Promos and sweepers will be provided to you in good time before the marathon.

Format for the marathon? 

The slots in the marathon are 58 min long. The shows may not be longer. We will also have a warm up session to the marathon. For this you will be able to provide us with content that spans from 5 min to 15 min in length.

Live vs pre recorded

We love live broadcasting, but we also want the marathon to have a safe stream without any gaps or dead air. We will test all streams in advance to make sure that they are stable. If they are not, you will need to provide us with a pre recorded show for us to have as a back-up. You can also choose to not do the show live at all and just provide us with a pre recorded show. Pre Recorded shows need to be sent to us no later than one week before the marathon, on Sept 25th.


This year is different for all of us. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic some stations are operating remotely, some stations are operating with reduced staff, and some stations are only airing recorded content. If you can not take part with a full show produced from your normal studio, we still invite you to provide us with material recorded from for instans home. We will put together shorter contributions to a warm up session that will kick off the marathon.


The shows can be in any language. If possible, use one that as many as possible understand. However there is no language that everyone around the globe understands, so we want you to use the language you are most comfortable with.

Mind your language! What you can say on air differs from country to country. We want the marathon to be rebroadcasted around the globe without getting our participating stations into trouble. Swearing and inappropriate words should be left out. It also goes without saying that we respect each other regardless of origin, gender, sexuality, religion or functionality.

Sign up for the marathon HERE

Deadline to apply for the WCRD Marathon is August 31.

Questions? Get back to us on [email protected]

Stay well and long live college radio!

Anabella Poland
General Manager, WMSC FM
President, College Radio Day (USA)
Montclair State University
[email protected]

Eva Gustavfsson
Station Manager, K103 Göteborgs Studentradio
President, World College Radio Day (International)
University of Gothenburg / Chalmers University of Technology
[email protected]