Voices For Peace – World College Radio Day 2022

Voices For Peace – World College Radio Day 2022

Dear college radio community,

We are proud to announce the theme and artwork for this year’s WCRD event on October 7: Voices For Peace.

In a time of global strife, we want to send the message loud and clear that student radio stands with all those who are oppressed or suffering from violence, and seeks to champion justice and support sustainable peace for everyone.

World College Radio Day is an international event, with students participating all over the world. We have big plans for October 7, including our legendary 24-hour Global Marathon that we hope will include Ukraine. We will also be putting together special programming content for your radio station that reflects this year’s theme. We will also be asking college radio stations around the world to sign our Declaration of Supporting Peace By Student Radio Worldwide. So there is lots coming in the next few weeks!

If you have not recently registered for WCRD / CRD – please do so here. If you participated last year, we are rolling over the registration into this year, so you don’t need to register. If you prefer to opt out and not participate, please do so here. As always, it’s FREE to participate in WCRD / CRD.

You can also order our new t-shirts here. We ship worldwide through Bonfire.com