Registration is open for World College Radio Day 2020!

Registration is open for World College Radio Day 2020!


We hope you’re in good spirits and health!  World College Radio Day 2020 is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2!

It is our great honor to invite you to register for World College Radio Day 2020! This is the day when college radio unites world wide. The mission of World College Radio Day (WCRD) is to harness the combined listenership of hundreds of thousands of college radio listeners throughout the world and highlight college radio’s important contributions to the overall media landscape.

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of CRD since it first began in the US. To this day,  more than a thousand stations in 43 countries have participated. The theme this year is Global Solidarity Rocks!

On October 2, the legendary 24-hr Global Marathon will also take place. Here you will hear a mix of select college radio from all over the world. It’s going to be fun! More information on this marathon will be sent to all participants by the end of August.

We hope that all college radio stations join us for the day that is truly a celebration of us, COLLEGE RADIO! This is OUR day to remind everyone that college radio is still alive and kicking!

“The importance of college radio can’t be overstated… It feels incredible to be getting played on college radio.” – Patrick Carney, The Black Keys official WCRD Ambassadors 2019

Participating stations receive quality content in the form of produced promos, sweepers and celebrity interviews. Additionally, we make available a one-hour special in English and another one in Spanish that includes several elements gathered by our team.  There are many benefits to participating in WCRD and the best part is, it costs nothing!

Unlike the first nine years of this celebration, this year we are rolling over registrations from radio stations that participated in WCRD last year. Please only register or re-register if you have not participated before or if you wish to update your contact details.

Join us in the celebration and register your station for this event: WCRD Registration Form

If you would like to opt out from participating in WCRD, please complete the  Opt Out Form.

WCRD in time of Covid-19

Note that due to the Coronavirus Pandemic this year will most likely be different from previous years. Some stations are operating remotely, some stations are operating with reduced staff, and some stations are only airing recorded content. This celebration happens as much on-air, as it happens over social media, and we invite you to celebrate World College Radio Day in any way that is meaningful to you and your team at the station, while observing guidelines from your local and state authorities, as well as your academic institutions, or organizations that own the station.

As always, we look forward to working with our peers around the globe in what we jokingly called “the United Stations” during our last conference at University of Cambridge in the UK last August, which gathered college station delegates from fifteen countries.  More news soon!

Stay well and long live college radio!

Anabella Poland
General Manager, WMSC FM
President, College Radio Day (USA)
Montclair State University
[email protected]

Eva Gustavfsson
Station Manager, K103 Göteborgs Studentradio
President, World College Radio Day (International)
University of Gothenburg / Chalmers University of Technology
[email protected]