Registration for College Radio Day 2017 is open!

We are delighted to open free registration for College Radio Day 2017. This year’s CRD will be taking place on Friday, October 6.

To register please visit this page.

We are also delighted to be able to take in-person registration this weekend at the 77th Annual IBS New York City Conference! We will have a table at the conference and will be doing a session on Saturday at 1:15 – 2:15 p.m. – come and say hello!

Lots of news and updates to come – as we will be announcing this year’s theme by the end of this spring semester!

Stay tuned for more details!

The staff of KTXT at Texas Tech University celebrate CRD 2016!

Registration for Vinylthon 2017 is now open!

We are delighted to open FREE registration for college radio stations for our 2nd Annual VINYLTHON, to take place on Saturday, April 22 – also Record Store Day.

Stations can help celebrate the unique medium of vinyl and college radio, by playing at least one hour of music from vinyl only. We encourage stations to go as long as possible and even do 24 hours if possible! Our Vinylthon has the support of Record Store Day as well! Last year was a huge success and was a ton of FUN for a lot of stations!

To register, college stations can click here:

We are also going to be using the Vinylthon event to do some fundraising for our College Radio Fund and help raise money for stations that need financial assistance. More info on that soon.

You can also buy/pre-order our brand new Vinylthon 2017 t-shirts! Just $15 for an individual shirt (shipped) or a 10-pack for $99 (shipped) for your students/station. Every participating station that registers by April 1st will have their call letters/name listed on the back print of the shirt (along with all the other participating stations).

Announcing the 2016 Spirit of College Radio Award Winners!

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2016 Spirit of College Radio Awards.

The Spirit of College Radio Awards are presented by the College Radio Foundation in recognition of truly outstanding and spirited efforts made by college radio stations on College Radio Day. Stations cannot apply for this award, but are identified, nominated and then voted for by the College Radio Day Task Force, who seek to shine a spotlight on stations that not only go above and beyond to celebrate the annual CRD event but also embody the passion and mission of college radio. Out of the hundreds of stations that participate, only six stations are chosen.

This year the following stations were selected to be recognized:

KLBC/KCTY, Long Beach City College
KAOS, The Evergreen State College
WPNR, Utica College
WRCU, Colgate University
WITC, Cazenovia College
WHCL, Hamilton College

Commenting on the winners, Sean McDonald, President of College Radio Day 2016, said: “Every year, across the country, so many stations join together to showcase the talents and accomplishments of college radio. Every day is a day to celebrate college radio, but these stations took it to the next level!”

We are grateful to Broadcasters General Store for sponsoring the 2016 Spirit of College Radio Awards.

Plans for 2017

And…we’re back!

We hope everybody had a great break and a happy new year! We are excited to announce several things that are going to be happening for this spring semester 2017:

  • The 2016 Spirit of College Radio Awards will be announced, starting on Monday, January 16.
  • The 2017 Vinylthon will take place on Saturday, April 22nd across the country in conjunction with Record Store Day
  • The January eNewsletter for our ‘Friends of College Radio’ will be sent out in the next week to all subscribing members.
  • We will start to regularly add fresh content to this website that we hope you will enjoy!

So, join us on Monday next week as we announce the first of our Spirit of College Radio Award winners, recognizing the best in college radio!

Getting ready for the 2016 Spirit of College Radio Awards!


After a very successful College Radio Day 2016, the CRD Task Force has just one thing left to do before disbanding. The winners of this year’s Spirit of College Radio Awards must be selected! Stations across the country put in tremendous efforts for CRD 2016, and the CRD Task Force will be selecting just six of them to be recognized for their efforts and their spirit! We are also delighted to announce that the official sponsor this year will be Broadcasters General Store – who will be kindly donating the money to produce the engraved award plaques! Stay tuned for our winners announcement – expected mid-December!

It’s time to give back to college radio!

This year, for the first time, the College Radio Foundation announced the recipients of five awards from our new College Radio Grant Program. We were delighted to make the announcement on College Radio Day, Friday, November 4.


      Join us – and get this cool membership card!

Our grant program provides deserving college radio stations in need of financial assistance with financial grants. These grants can be used by stations to maintain their functionality as a college radio stations through equipment purchases and repairs, covering the cost of licensing, or through continuing education at college radio related conferences. A grant can also be used to help a station with their own promotional events and activities.

We were very proud to announce the following winners:

$1000 to WJGR 97.1 The Prowl, University of South Alabama, that hopes to demonstrate that radio is a viable and relevant medium that is instrumental to the lives of students through student engagement and a sense of community and belonging. The money from this grant will assist in the operations of the station, primarily securing the necessary copyright licenses.

$500 to WDBK, Camden County College, who plans to use the funds to purchase a mixer that will enable headphone usage and allow their DJs to feed a variety of signals into the broadcast. The mixer will enable control over Megaseg playback, 3 discrete microphones, a vinyl record player, and a discrete output for their streaming signal/computer.  The mixer will also make it easier for DJ’s to record their shows.

$500 to 90.1 FM Mt. Rock Radio, KSAK, and, Mt. San Antonio College, who plan to use this grant to help send their radio students to conferences, to learn and be inspired, and also to promote their stations on campus to make more students aware of their radio programs and classes.

$500 to RadioCMC – KUURHD2, Colorado Mountain College. RadioCMC’s current station is far off campus. They’ve recently been given a small room on campus, which they plan to transform into a broadcast studio so that more students are able to get involved. They plan to use this grant to purchase essential equipment to begin this transformation.

$500 to WVBR, Cornell University who plans to use this grant to help fund the construction of a new broadcast tower, which must be replaced.

Although we only had the resources to provide five station grants, the number of applications for these grants was tremendous. There is an obvious need for financial support in this way, and we need your help to make these grants a regular (every semester) occurrence.

Please become a ‘Friend of College Radio’ today. We need your support so we can make a difference to the hundreds of college radio stations in the country! Your membership dues will go directly into the grant program that is given to stations (80%) and the remaining (20%) will help with running the annual College Radio Day event and additional operating costs. We are a registered charity with the one simple goal: to support college radio in all its forms! Join us!

Celebrations for College Radio Day held from Coast to Coast

The staff of KTXT at Texas Tech University celebrate CRD 2016!

The staff of KTXT at Texas Tech University celebrate CRD 2016!

Across the country, hundreds of college radio stations celebrated College Radio Day 2016, on Friday last week. Many stations had special celebrations, and some even broadcast a full 24 hours of special programming for their listeners!

In case you missed it – you can here our special 1-hr simulcast that took place at 2 pm last Friday:

The 6th annual College Radio Day was a huge success and we thank you for listening to your local college or high school radio station. Let’s do it again next year!

College Radio Day is TODAY!

Across the country, hundreds of college radio stations are participating in the 6th annual College Radio Day. You can find a participating station here.

We also would like to share with you a letter we received from President Obama to recognize this special day!

obamaletter2016small“I am proud to join in marking the 6th annual College Radio Day on November 4.

Radio has long connected us as Americans– from the songs that make us sing and dance, to the shows that make us laugh and challenge our assumptions, to the news that helps us understand our place in the world. As we scan through stations that cover every kind of music and perspective on the political spectrum, we find that college radio holds a crucial and unique place on the dial. It’s not simply a proving ground for young people; it’s an opportunity for all Americans to experience new stories, new bands, and new ideas.

On College Radio Day, we pay tribute to the ways radio has enabled students – and all of us – to help shape a more inclusive society. As you tune in to your local station today, you have my best wishes.”

– Barack Obama.


Plans for College Radio Day: What’s Cooking #5 – ‘Final update with just hours to go’ Edition!


This is our final edition of What’s Cooking as we are now just hours away from College Radio Day 2016! As you read through all of this information – realize just how much effort and passion is being put in at college radio stations across the country. Amazing!

  • KHDX at Hendrix College, “plan to celebrate college radio in two ways — on the air, as a way to reach out to our greater community, as well as through activities on campus that will be more visible to our student body. Our on-air content will feature a special hour-long segment on the history of our station, including interviews with alumni DJs and sound bites from old shows. During lunch time, we will set up a table outside of the cafeteria to hand out KHDX stickers and play the segment as it airs. Then, later that evening, we plan to host a mixed CD exchange to promote the creative spirit of our station. People will come with a playlist they want to share and we will provide blank CDs to burn the playlist onto, which they can then swap and discuss with others.”
  • BVZ Radio at Penn State Behrend plan to celebrate College Radio Day by “playing music in one of our main buildings from 11-1. We have prizes and contests! Also, this is our 5 year anniversary since the station opened!”
  • WIUX at Indiana University “is currently situated in a house about one block off of campus, so for College Radio Day we are planning on having a show in the WIUX Station Houses’ living room. From 2-5pm on Saturday, November 5th we will have a few local acts playing. They are Stacks // Culture, Planet Natives and Hale’s Corner. The show is free and open to anyone!”
  • WITR at Rochester Institute of Technology is “using College Radio Day as the opportunity to celebrate the local Rochester Music Scene. Throughout the day we are inviting bands into the studio for live interviews in addition to our normal programming. Some of these bands include: Green Dreams, KOPPS, the Demos and many more. Stay tuned to our FB page for more information!”
  • 90.5 WERG at Gannon University “are celebrating the Spirit of College Radio here at Gannon University as we get ready for College Radio Day on November 4! Monday: spooky sounds with “Bob’s Hott 80’s Halloween Party” at 6pm, then the deepest tracks ever with “Adam in the Evening” at 9pm after the sun has gone down; AJ counts-down the best rock on the radio with the “Tuesday Top 30” starting at 6pm; Wednesday: Dr. David Kozak will give his final “Road to the White House” lecture; the WERG news staff will be there to cover the event; On Thursday, the “Prime Time Sports Guys” will analyze the World Series, and then on Friday at 2pm ET we will air the national College Radio Day simulcast. And–all week long–we’ll have tickets for the Tegan and Sara concert at Stage AE on November 5 in Pittsburgh. Tune-in and follow us on Twitter to get in to win! If you enjoy the unique programming of college radio, join us on-air or globally at”
  • KTUH at University of Hawaii, Manoa “will be doing on-air giveaways throughout the day. We will also be hosting a small concert in our offices titled “Small Kine Desk”. Scott Ohtoro (local beat maker and hip-hop producer) will be doing a live beat set from 1pm-2pm, open to students. UH Productions will also be filming the performance, and if all goes well we will attempt to live broadcast it.”
  • WRHO 89.7 FM at Hartwick College say “the plan is to broadcast 24 live shows over the course of 24 hours. We will begin streaming this content at 4pm on College Radio Day, and finish at 4PM on Saturday, November 5th!”
  • Kutztown University Radio (KUR) at Kutztown University, “plans to have top notch programming all day, including a two-hour post-Halloween music special at 4 p.m., followed by fantastic Friday evening programming culminating with 2 hours of big bands, swing, and jazz on “Rompin’ Around Kutztown” with Chris Luttrell from 8 to 10 p.m.”
  • WPNR-FM at Utica College say “WPNR-FM, WRCU-FM, WITC-FM, and WHCL-FM are going to be joining each other for a collaborative simulcast on November 4th at 4:00 PM EST. This simulcast will be hosted by WRCU-FM at their home school, Colgate University in Hamilton, NY. Each station will submit a one hour pre-recorded program containing content of the station’s choice to the other collaborating stations respectively. WPNR-FM chooses to use this opportunity to fill this one hour programming with the following: 1)Top 5 Artists of the Year Countdown, 2)Highlight of “Pioneers History” (History and fun facts of WPNR), 3)Sports Highlights, 4)Select highlights of popular shows on WPNR-FM. Using the collective programming from each station, all stations involved will broadcast each program in the same order in the same time frame. After this, all stations will be meeting at Colgate University for a group collaboration broadcast.”
  • WLOY Loyola Radio at Loyola University Maryland, “is planning a 24 hour live DJ marathon starting Friday at midnight until Saturday at midnight. Someone on staff will be on air every hour for the entire 24 hours, including special guests. We will also be live casting at our normal Friday event, Live at Boulder, where we set up and play music outside our main dining hall every Friday. We will be recording station IDs and promos at Live at Boulder, as well as giving away concert tickets and swag. Lastly, we will be posting goofy promo videos on all of your social media accounts!”
  • OWWR, Old Westbury Web Radio at SUNY Old Westbury, has a full days planned including, “9-10 AM, EST, Peter A., Live, Local Long Island musician Astronauto performs live and, Guest DJ’s. 10 – 10:15 AM, EST, COLLEGE RADIO DAY WHITE HOUSE FEATURE. 10:15 – 11 AM, OWWR Network. 11 AM – 1 PM, EST, DJ Sandra Dee with “Sweat Beatz”. 1 – 2 PM, EST, Michael the Molar Maven with “St. James Infirmary”. 2 – 3 PM, EST, COLLEGE RADIO DAY SIMULCAST. 3 – 4 PM, EST, Michael the Molar Maven with “St. James Infirmary”. 4 – 5 PM, EST, OWWR Network. 5 – 9 PM, EST, Ms Diva, “The Diva Report”.”
  • KRUX 91.5 FM at New Mexico State University, “are looking to celebrate our life as a station here as we just had our 27th year broadcasting aniversary. We will have interviews and shows with previous DJ’s and Station Managers to celebrate those who helped bring us to who we are currently as well as have shows from a few of our current DJ’s to celebrate who we are currently.”
  • KSLC 90.3-FM at Linfield College plans the following schedule: “[All times Pacific Time] Professor Huntsberger’s “Penguin Cafe” (w/ live music by professors): 8-10 am; Jesus Perez’ “Around The World”: 12-1 pm; KSLC Alumni Show: 1-3 pm; John Christensen’s “Eclectic Oasis”: 3-5 pm; Angel Rosas – 6-8 pm.”
  • Marquette Radio at Marquette University say “our plans for CRD is to have a snapchat filter on campus where people can post about College Radio. We also have a table set up in our central building on campus with a table with our stream playing live, giveaways and promo items. Lastly, our social media will have our podcast posted of us talking about why we love college radio. Then also throughout the day our favorite memories will be posted.”
  • 88.9 WFSE Fighting Scots Radio at Edinboro University, “will have a live 24-hour broadcast from Midnight on Thursday until the end of College Radio Day on Friday. DJs will be in the booth for all 24 hours, with special versions of our news, talk and sports segments throughout. We are welcoming any radio alumni to be on-air on with our current DJs. In addition, we will be working with local businesses to promote the event and the station, as well as taking requests and giving shout outs for students and community members.”
  • 101.7 WDSR DeSales College Radio at DeSales University, “presents our production of BBC Radio classic, ‘The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy’. The show will Premier at 11:00am eastern and encore at 6:00pm Eastern. We will also bring you ‘Murican Resistance’, an on-air RPG/improv drama where five courageous patriots will restore freedom to a nation occupied by a conspiracy consisting of the Illuminati and Lizard People. But they must also contend with the traitors in their midst.”
  • at The Ohio Media School, say “our plans are to unite the past with the present as brings back Alumni to talk sports with current students. We Will Be Live from 9am-9pm. We are inviting anyone who wants to see what college radio is all about to stop in to the school at 5330 E Main St Suite 200 Columbus, OH 43213 and be on air.”

Wow! That’s just the tip of the iceberg – as hundreds of stations will be participating in College Radio Day! We wish everyone the best of luck!

Plans for College Radio Day: What’s Cooking #4 – MEGA EDITION


With just days away until this Friday’s College Radio Day – here’s a MEGA Edition of What’s Cooking. The following plans for CRD really show just how much stations are celebrating their special day on November 4!

Are you ready for this? OK – let’s go!

  • wrvsWRVS-FM 89.9 “Your Community Voice” at Elizabeth City State University will host College Radio Video Conference III on Friday, November 4. College Radio station staff members will come together to discuss various topics concerning college radio and present ideas for future success. This will be our third video conference. WRVS-FM 89.9 is also celebrating its 30th anniversary. (1986-2016).”
  • wwlrWWLR – The Impulse 91.5 at Lyndon State College will be staffed with live DJs from 12am Friday the 4th until 12am Saturday the 5th. Throughout the day we will be featuring local solo and duo acoustic musicians in studio, as well as a 3 band show in our student center from 4-7pm. The show will be broadcast live on air and the bands will be coming to the station immediately following their sets for an interview while the next act is setting up. We will also be changing our format from classic rock to true college radio, with College Radio Day being the kickoff!”
  • kwtsKWTS The One 91.1 at West Texas A&M University is having an Open House for all of those who are in our nine counties that we cover. We will have our DJs available to give tours, demonstrate the equipment, software, and educate the public on our history. Also, we are opening our doors to the Alumni from our great program to come rekindle their memories and dust off their headphones to take a two-hour shift during the day. CRD is a very important day for all of us and we want everyone here to know what it means to us!”
  • klbcKLBC/KCTY at Long Beach City College is proud to announce that the Mayor of Long Beach, CA (Robert Garcia) is scheduled to proclaim Nov. 4th “College Radio Day in Long Beach,” in addition to other addresses from several local dignitaries! We will simulcast the CRD Foundation 24 hr. stream on both stations, only breaking away for our own celebration from 9am – 3pm (PST). We will feature live, LOCAL music (thus, fulfilling the mission of college radio) acts performing at various locations around campus throughout our celebration, simulcasted on both radio stations and an HD live stream on both YouTube and Facebook.”
  • wolfThe WOLF Internet Radio at the University of West Georgia will be hosting a double event style day. The WOLF will have a large three tent setup with multiple speakers in the center of our campus. We will be setup from Noon-6pm. There will be large game roles such as cornhole, giant jenga, giant pong, and yard twister. While we are setup and playing we will have live shows in the studio. All six of our student produced shows will go live for each hour of the day. There shows will play out live on our speakers to campus. This will give them super live reach. Lastly, we will be collecting children’s books for the Tanner ReadER program. Each book we collect will be given to a child that comes through one of three emergency room locations. It is our goal to also help curb adult illiteracy and set students up for success!”
  • wmsc90.3 WMSC-FM at Montclair State University have a 30-hour planned broadcast of specialty programming beginning on 11/3 at 7 PM until 12 AM on 11/5!  Programming includes: Specialty music shows highlighting variety of genres WMSC has to offer; an on air visit from WPSC Program Directors; a DJ exchange with WSOU; an interview with WMSC Founder Ed Helvey; live musical performances; the morning show, The Morning Buzz, to broadcasted live from Red Hawk Diner (our on-campus diner) and an on-air interview with NJBA President Paul Rotella!”
  • blazeBlaze Radio at Arizona State University on CRD eve, will be hosting a silent disco party to kick off the special day. The unique twist to this silent disco is that, while there will be a location for people to party and enjoy the tunes together, we will be broadcasting the event via our station so that anyone anywhere can join in on the fun! Our silent disco will can stretch worldwide thanks to our online stream. We’re excited to see our community come together both physically and in spirit to celebrate college radio.”
  • orbitWMCO at Muskingum University are planning to have a special 24-hour live broadcast day to celebrate College Radio Day, including a two-hour live remote from 11 a.m.- 1 p.m.!

Another update coming on Thursday! Stay tuned!