New Music Faster: Your Weekly Review

Your Weekly Music Review from New Music Faster!

By Hannah Greve

On Monday we read about how The Wonder Years went about releasing their new album, Sister Cities. The band documented the last two years of their lives and it helped them with writing and releasing the album. It is out everywhere so definitely check it out, it may be their best album yet!

Reissue Tuesday gave some of us flashbacks to when anyone using iTunes had the U2 album downloaded to their accounts and did not know how to get rid of it… I was one of the few who did not want to get rid of it. U2 has reissued a bunch of music on Friday the 13th. But the main topic of Tuesday was their reissue of Pop, released in 1997, a mostly disliked album by the fans. Pop is one of those albums that take, what tends to be, only one off jam sessions that experiments from their normal sound, but its all over the entire album. Though most do not consider that this is album their “go to” but after listening to it more, it begins to grow on you.

Wednesday we got new music from mouse on the keys. This band is one that you do not want to sleep on. Their music will grab your attention in less time than it takes to listen to an entire song. They are from Japan and formed in 2006. This trio has a visual and musical aesthetic that will single them out from all other artist.

Friday was a very busy day, and we got some amazing music to keep us sane. Ash Code’s pop synth sound made it easy to run around Friday preparing for Record Store Day. This dark wave band formed in 2014 and their music covers a wide range of genres including “post-punk, Synthpop and EBM.” Their newest song  “Perspektive” is the first song that they have ever sung in German. The production value of this song is amazing, and they way that the vocals are layered on top of the music gives it an alienated vibe but it’s so intriguing to listen too.