New Music Faster: Moonsoup

RIYL: The Sundays, 10,000 Maniacs, Cranes

There is an organic freshness to the loose rock played by Moonsoup, that pulls you in, wanting to hear more. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Moonsoup have been in existence for a relatively short period of time but have wasted little time creating a sound that is both appealingly uncomplicated yet has real emotional depth. I’m reminded of the first time I heard The Sundays or All About Eve, a recognition that there is something really special here.

This is due to the assured vocals of Niamh Baker, who fronts the three-piece band along with Melissa Brisbane on the drums, and Craig Ferrie on bass. Along with her lead vocals that soar with confidence above the instruments, Niamh also plays the guitar which provides the bedrock for most of the songs (do we hear a ukulele in there?) and writes the songs. According to a recent interview, they had their first gig on the 21st of February of this year, so they have already been busy writing and performing material to audiences in Scotland.

Moonsoup’s debut EP ‘Do What U Want’ is available now for download and is also on a limited run of cassettes from GoldMold Records. What you will hear in these four songs is a band that has room to grow and is unafraid to explore different musical landscapes and approaches. From the quirky guitar-strummed upbeat pop of Fucked Friday, the unexpectedly mellow ending to Joanne & Leo, and the enveloping echoing vocals of Thanks for the Advice, Rick, this is a confident opening statement for a band that we hope has lots to say.

By Rob Quicke

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