New Music Faster | Your Weekly Review

By Hannah Greve

Monday was gross and dreary so we took a day off to enjoy the Monday blues.

Reissue Tuesday was the reissue of Tuff Enuff by The Fabulous Thunderbirds. The Fabulous Thunderbirds’ were featured in the Gung Ho soundtrack. This band was from Texas and embodied everything that you’d expect to hear from a Texas blues band. They’re music gave people something to listen to and enjoy no matter what mood they were in.

On Wednesday we were introduced to a band that has it all. A band that can bring you immense sadness or that happy ever after feeling. Whatever you want to be feeling, Goodnight Moonlight has got you covered. This is a band whose music you do not want to sleep on. This 80’s/90’s indie rock band is going to be stuck in your head after your first listen.

Friday, also known as Star Wars Day (it was May 4th), we had some indie pop with the band Moonsoup. This band from Scottland shows an extreme amount of emotion depth within their writing. This three piece band has soaring vocals along with confident musicians on their respective instruments. Moonsoup’s debut EP ‘Do What U Want’ is available now for download and is also on a limited run of cassettes from GoldMold Records.