New Music Faster : Nation Of Language


Nation of Language spread the notion of “Reality.”

By Anthony Saia

Nation of Language
New wave
Human League / New Order

Okay. So Brooklyn has always been replete with music. On today’s episode we’re talking about new-wave band Nation of Language and their new single, “Reality.”

Now, I’m sure you’re like, “Okay, Anthony. Why do they matter?” Let me tell you, and it’s not just because they’re from Brooklyn.

If you don’t know Nation of Language, you should be aware that that were recently featured as one of 15 young bands you need to know in 2018. Why? Because they have a great ’80s new wave sound, with just a hint of synth-pop and post-punk.

The tune, which you likely already listened to up top, is an electro-pop tune with vocalist Ian Devaney expressing the difficulties and monotony of life. While this seems kind of heavy to think about, we also get another angle in the song. Have you ever though about reality, and how surreal it can be? Devaney also discusses that in the song. When paired, both feelings are sad, but sonically palatable.

Of course, Nation of Language is a little bit more polished than most, but they fill a gaping niche of hi-fi new wave sound. While they are not a revivalist project, it’s difficult not to want to get all nostalgic when listening to them. After releasing an EP and a handful of singles, Nation of Language have cultivated a diverse, unique synth pop sound.

Now, while it is difficult to not compare them to every other band with that aesthetic, Nation of Language is a step above the best, and along with Soft Kill or Portland, Oregon, we just might get the new wave revival we have all been clamoring for.