New Music Faster : Holy Pink

Holy Pink slated to release new record from rad cassette label Never Content

By Anthony Saia

Los Angeles, California-based duo Holy Pink are coming in hot this Friday with their newest record Mediation Hymns for an Electronic Age. From the killer cassette label Never Content, the album title versus the release medium is ironic, but I only point it out because it made me laugh. Moving along.  Comprised of five tracks, the album is short, but that’s okay. The sonic content is space-age and memorable for all the best reasons.

On their debut album, songwriter and classically-trained operatic vocalist Anna Wallace and minimalist composer Tim Murray (both of which were in the Orlando art-pop outift Moon Jelly) present a sensory experience that is wrought with subliminal color compositions.

The songs are made using a myriad of electronics including vocoders, loops, and synthesizers. The duo uses these to convey concepts behind the dissociation and the experimental work of Laurie Anderson and “deep listening” pioneer Pauline Oliveros. What we get from these influences is a minimalist approach to electronic music – a hearty shift from the current state of electronic music of today.

All in all, its a refreshing listen, and not as challenging as your brain might think it could be. Wallace’s voice is transcendent, and Murray’s compositions are well thought out and fit seamlessly. Highly recommended.

From the duo’s Bandcamp Page:

“round, soft, colourful, senseless and unknowing. polka-dots can’t stay alone; like the communicative life of people, two or three polka-dots become movement… polka-dots are a way to infinity.” – yayoi kusama

emanating from the peaks and valleys of los angeles is the electronic synthesis duo of anna wallace and tim murray. as oscillating synths blossom through color and vibration holy pink conjure a sonic landscape to lay consciousness upon, sharing inspiration from sound healing, desert landscapes, and self-transformation. as a classically trained operatic vocalist with a deep appreciation for the electronic pioneers (pauline oliveros, laurie anderson, midori takada) anna’s atmospheric songwriting, complemented and realized with tim’s minimalist compositions, nurture a growth and decay that comes just in time for spring.

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