New Music Faster: Tomacco

Funk Rock ‘n Roll / Garage Rock
RIYL: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fishbone, (the) Rolling Stones

What the hell, it’s almost Friday, so let’s go for an artist that simply goes for it, with total fearlessness. That artist is called Tomacco.

Yes, Tomacco.  Apparently, they are named after a Simpsons episode where Homer grows a hybrid plant by crossing tomatoes with tobacco. Odd? Yes. If you check their Facebook page, you’ll also see a photo of one of the band members dressed as a penguin. Fair enough, but what about the music though? What we like is the earthy, unabashed rock and roll production of their music. There’s no messing about here – as the vocals and guitar are presented upfront in the mix in a refreshingly unvarnished manner. Their new single “Shake It” is out now and is an exuberant four-minute slice of glorious rock ‘n roll with a saxophone solo served over some nice guitar riffs. There’s an almost retro-funk feel to it but is never less than direct in its approach.

Their press release says that Tomacco is music to help you “to cut loose and make a ruckus.” Hailing from Toronto, Tomacco is fronted by Denny Copf, who is credited as writing the music as well as pulling duty as vocalist, guitarist and saxophonist! Their first EP also features the epic track “Killin’” that clocks in at over seven minutes and demonstrates some interesting chord sequences that lead to an ultimate crescendo of howling guitars and intense keyboards. Let it never be said that this is a band that does not push creative boundaries.

Tomacco are getting ready for their official EP release in Toronto on March 22nd.  We wish them well and will keep an eye on them!

By Rob Quicke