New Music Faster : C. Samms


We dare you to find a better synth sound than this today

By Anthony Saia

C. Samms
RIYL: Discovery, Sphinxx, Soft Cell

Alright. So. Real talk. If you are searching for the glory days of synthesizer tunes from years gone by, look no further. Seriously. C. Samms from Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada has you covered – in gooey molasses that is.

While it is possible that there are albums out there that might catch your ear more, C. Samms forthcoming debut record Synthetic Properties promises to melt your heart and your mind with fat synth layers for all ages.

Their debut record, due out October 5th (COLLEGE RADIO DAY – WOO!), promises to carry a bevy of killer synth tracks. How can we claim that? Well, here’s the list of gear used for the record: Korg Volca Sample (Roland TR-808, Roland TR-707, Roland CompuRhythm CR-78, LinnDrum, E-mu Systems E-Drum, Maestro Rhythm King MRK-1, Boss DR-202, ), Roland SH-101, Roland SH-01A, Roland Gaia SH-01, Korg Minilogue, Korg microKorg XL+, OP-1, Alesis Micron, Fender Mustang Bass. I mean, that’s a boat load of goodness right there.

But really. We’re excited for this record. We might even spring for one of the limited edition vinyl copies they have up for grabs on their Bandcamp page. That’s right. An LP of gooey post-punk synthwave for your earholes. On vinyl. Of course hearing the song “Valley Uncanny,” what with all of it’s digital production, might defeat the purpose of having a high quality pressing of wax, but I have a feeling that hearing this on vinyl will be a real treat.

Now, while the song we’ve heard so far is simple, it’s enjoyable. The beat is catchy and the vocal delivery is reminiscent of something you might have heard from Soft Cell or more recently a band called Soft Kill (we featured them a while back too). Anyway. C. Samms makes tasty jams. Ch-ch-ch-check it.

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