Dream pop / Hip Hop / Experimental
RIYL: Flying Lotus, Kid Cudi, Phantogram

The record is a result of a Kickstarter project started by Will Sheavly, who aimed to write, compose and record the album at a hotel. Dubbed Project Lunagram hotel, Sheavly planned to surround himself with his closest friends and most beloved local musicians. The goal was to keep him inspired and in good spirits, while providing everyone an environment of their own to create.

The sum of that adventure is this record, aptly named Lunagram Hotel. Featuring a cacophony of artists, the record is an amalgam of alternative and dream pop compositions. There are lush soundscapes and magnificent swells throughout. Lyrically, there are a couple tracks and passages that have a new hip hop vibe, particularly on “Only Autumn” – the album’s shortest track.

We also hear that vibe carry over to “Good Times Ain’t Cheap,” the only song not recorded at the hotel. Featuring Allie Young and EYUKALIPTUS, there is a spaced out, Kid Cudi / Flying Lotus vibe on some tracks. These sounds are also carried through tracks like “Magnolias” featuring Tenor Caso.

Other tracks, like “Traffic” and album closer “Finally” have a spare amount of production, that is carried by Lunagram’s vocal style that’s unique and refreshing. These, and other tracks are poignant and wonderful. The songwriting is fantastic.

Ultimately, if you are looking for some refreshing, experimental hip hop – this record is for you. Not only is the way in which the album was compiled and recorded, but the music contained are absolutely flooring. In reality, I could listen to this on repeat for months, and not feel bad about it. Great work.