In Lights
Explosons in the Sky, This Will Destroy You, Sigur Ros

There is a certain bombast present in post-rock music. It appears in a few different places. From the rhythm section. Occasionally it comes from the tuning of the lead guitar. More sparsely do we get it from an electric violin. Los Angeles, Calif. quintet In Lights defy those singular notions here, with frenetic builds, and magnificent soundscapes.

What is so ear-catching about This Is How We Exist is the burgeoning melodrama that is present throughout the entirety of the record. Indeed, record notable “Memory” carries that aforementioned bombast. Guitarists Li He and Bosen Li carry a majority of the swell before subtly being usurped by Joey Wei’s mournful bowcasts.

Another enjoyable aspect of the record is that the listener has a sense of achievement when listening to the record. They go on a sonic ride with the band and feel like they’ve arrived at a destination with each track. “Dream” is the most prevalent track, floating along with a serene swell, before the tide breaks and you wake from a deep slumber.

With this record, In Lights have mastered the sweet science of melding melody with intense hopefulness. There are moments of sheer brilliance to found all over these seven tracks. Each song, carries its own theme, and in part makes the record even more interesting to listen to. It is recommended to listen from start to finish in order to get the whole picture.

Ultimately, if you are interested in finding music that can swoon you into dreaming your day away – In Lights is for you. These LA fellas have made a brilliant record that ends on a fantastic high note. Don’t believe me? Check out “Om Namah Shivaya.”

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