New Music Faster : Antiphons


Slacker pop
The War On Drugs, Temples, The Orwells

Comprised of four dudes, Antiphons is a sonic attack of dueling guitars and synthesizers, bass and drums. The quartet has released “Benadryl” from their forthcoming EP titled Fine. While only a single, the song gives fans the opportunity to hear the band has progressed.

Coated with saccharine guitar leads, “Benadryl” carries a driving force behind the track that is initially ear-catching. With a psychedelic tinge, the band shows masterful skill. Vocalist Brian Dove flexes his vocal chords a little here, with a slow warble that pairs wonderfully with the guitar/synth melodies.

What’s interesting is the use of the synth. While both Dove and fellow ax man Tommy Terrel use synthesizers in the band’s sonic makeup, it does not overpower this song. That cannot be said for some of Antiphon’s indie pop counterparts. It makes for a refreshing listen.

Further, what’s a band without a rhythm section? The pairing of Chris Matz on bass and Matthew Stinnett on drums is brilliant. Their dynamic has to be exciting to watch live. Their songwriting on “Benadryl” allows for each other to build up a sonic bombast that melds so well with Dove and Terrel’s instrumentation.

Ultimately, if this is just a snapshot of what Fine is going to be, I’m looking forward to it’s release date. Fans can expect to snag the EP via Bandcamp. Further, if you’re into the cassette aesthetic, you can snag it for a cheap price. What’s even better is that it’s a killer silver metallic cart. We’re looking forward to release day, and hope you will be too.

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