New Music Faster : Lucida



Indie rock
Interpol, Slowdive, The Killers

Uplifting indie pop from Philly darlings Lucida. Their first EP, Hush has enormous potential to be something much larger. Comprised of Jiah Pearson-Leary, Stefanie Eichmann, Bill Carley, and Warren Minnix, the group offers a too-short, but sweet four-track.

Tinged with hints of pop, Lucida melds their strong points into solid compositions that are guaranteed to catch an ear or two. Admittedly, Lucida wear their influences on their sleeves. Sonically, we get flairs of new waves vibes, while getting a contemporary vibe from bands like The Killers. EP closer “Real” contains the most new wave influence carrying a hypnotic synth vibe throughout the entirety of the track.

Other influences you might hear throughout the EP are touches of Slow Dive, Cocteau Twins, The Cure, et. al. Fortunately, the band is able to take all of those sonic connections and meld them into their own aesthetic. You can also hear some of that come through on “Fight For You.”

Now, obviously, comparing this band to others, does not mean that they don’t have their own voice. There are touches of heartbreak and longing throughout each track. That, paired with the swell of bright guitar allow for a push-pull of emotions that keep my ear hooked.

Ultimately, if you are in search of new alternative indie-rock, Lucida is a great place to start. Hush is a good sampler of what the band is capable of. Here’s hoping that this EP is just the beginning of what we hear from this band. There is room for growth here. The pieces are there for a full-length record are here too. Maybe we’ll get one sooner rather than later. Solid EP.