The Lost Mike Myers College Radio Tape (Part 2)!

We can now confirm that we do indeed have possession of some quite remarkable liners by Mike Myers produced specifically for college radio! It took a while for us to get the tape digitized and then cleaned up properly and de-hissed. But we hope you’ll agree it’s been worth the wait!

The tape was dated to 1997 and says “Mike Myers Radio ID’s” on it. 1997 was the year that Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery was the first installment of the movie series which came out and made Austin Powers one of his most successful comic creations.

What is remarkable is that of the five liners he produced, two of them were as Mike Myers, although you can still detect an attempt to put on a British accent!

We are revealing two of them now and you will have to wait until College Radio Day, on Friday, October 6, to hear the rest!

We hope you enjoy this remarkable piece of college radio history!