An important message from Nathan Moore, GM of WTJU at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville:

“Hello friends,

With last weekend’s events in Charlottesville and the trauma recovery a lot of us are dealing with here, WTJU is planning to put together some kind of special “community microphone” broadcast very soon. I’d like to incorporate messages of solidarity from our community and college radio friends around the country and the world.

If you could share a message of solidarity with the people of Charlottesville, what would you say?

If you could say one thing to help WTJU listeners heal from trauma, what would you say?

Please record it in 2 minutes or less and send it to us as a MP3 email attachment. If you’re interested in whatever we end up broadcasting, I’ll be sure to email this list with our details. Many thanks!”


We are asking college radio stations across the USA and indeed the WORLD to show their support for the people of Charlottesville, Virginia. We want your station to send a message of support and solidarity.

If you can please do this – send an MP3 file to peter@collegeradioday.com and Peter Kreten will collect and forward the audio to WTJU in time for their broadcast.

This is a time to show that we are united as a community, not just across the USA, but from every corner of the globe.

We unite to show that we care about the people of Charlottesville and we reject the hatred and violence that we have seen.

Please join us and send a message of support!

With best wishes – The College Radio Foundation