What if we could remind everyone that college radio broadcasters are still the best music curators out there? What if we could again bring to a wider audience the fruits of our continual musical explorations?

We want to discover new music as soon as it’s made public – within the same day, or even hour of its posting online. We want to get there before anyone else, and before it’s on any of those mainstream streaming services. We want to get there before any of those well-established website deems the music to be to be cool or fashionable enough to deserve coverage.

To those who work in college radio, music is everything, and it’s time that our ‘tastemaker’ credentials received their overdue credit.

That’s why we are starting New Music Faster. As a way to let the wider world discover new music and to demonstrate that college radio has always championed the unsung and the underground. New Music Faster is a manifestation of that independent spirit.

We are putting together a team that will help discover, curate and champion the very best independent and unsigned artists out there. If you are involved with your college radio station (either as a student, a music director, or a community volunteer for example), and are passionate about new music – then we invite you to apply to be a part of our team here:

Link: http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/d0uA4i9Fv1z0g67

Why New Music Faster?

  1. College radio discovers, exposes and breaks new music. We have always done this. It’s just that with the internet and the streaming services, the idea has got about that we are no longer influential. Bollocks, we say.
  2. College radio brings to a wider audience the fruits of its continual explorations. Its DJs and music directors prove that college radio stations are still the best music curators out there
  3. In the local communities where they operate, college radio stations actively and enthusiastically nurture and encourage artists and bands to share their new music and to perform live on-air and at special events.
  4. College radio isn’t about making a profit. College radio is concerned with making great radio that is fueled by pure passion, and playing music that we believe you need to hear. College radio is never going to screw you.
  5. College radio is not designed to be mainstream, because the mainstream could never handle it. Our music and programming is bold and adventurous and college radio is convention-defying in what it provides to its audience.