CRD 2017: “Passionately Vocal, Seriously Local”


My name is Jeff Szczesniak (pron: says-knee-ack or “Jeff Sez”) and I am the new President of the College Radio Day 2017 Task Force!

On behalf of all my colleagues on the Task Force and myself, I would like to send warm greetings and an invitation to you to participate in the 7th Annual College Radio Day on Friday October 6.
I am also the WDWN-FM Advisor and an Instructional Assistant at Cayuga Community College in Auburn, NY.

College Radio to me is a place where you can connect and participate with people who have similar passions to learn a sense of community and learn how to become a better communicator. It’s also a place to creatively express yourself to achieve a goal of what you want to be and become!

We are proud to announce this year’s theme for College Radio Day:

This year we focus on how college radio stations are productive, distinctive and significant to their community and connect locally by broadcasting local news & sports, supporting the local music scene and provide a voice for the community that no one else does. College radio takes its mission to be local very seriously!


Later this summer we will be asking stations to submit their best local moments or highlights to be included in our annual keynote CRD program that many stations play on the big day. More on that soon.

Again, below is a link to register for College Radio Day 2017 if you have not done so already:

I hope that you will join stations and me around the world to celebrate 7th Annual College Radio Day on Friday October 6.

Long Live College Radio!

Jeff Szczesniak