World Radio Day 2020: Historic Broadcast This Thursday!

Villa Griffone – The Marconi House

This Thursday, February 13, is World Radio Day. Radio stations around the world will be celebrating the event, as organized by UNESCO in Paris.

Last year, founder of College Radio Day, Rob Quicke, submitted a proposal that was accepted by the Marconi Foundation in Italy for his radio station, WPSC FM at William Paterson University, to partner with Outside Radio in Bologna, Italy, to produce a very special three-hour live radio broadcast from the Guglielmo Marconi Museum, Bologna, Italy, especially on the occasion of the upcoming World Radio Day 2020, February 13. Rob is inviting all College Radio Day and World College Radio Day stations to tune in and take the three-hour live web-stream on the air if they like.

This will be a one-time, historic event, as the live radio program will be broadcast from the actual room that Guglielmo Marconi invented radio and will also recognize the 125th anniversary of his first successful radio transmission in 1895. There will also be the opportunity to interview his surviving daughter, Princess Elettra Marconi Giovanelli, on the achievements of her father and the continuing legacy of the important medium of radio.

The Marconi Museum is therefore a perfect location for this special and historic broadcast, which will celebrate Marconi’s legacy as well as highlight how radio continues to impact lives around the world today. The President of the Marconi Foundation, Giovanni Emanuele Corazza, will also be interviewed live on the air. During the program we will also be celebrating the launch of Outside Radio, an online radio station that is organized by students with autism, in Bologna, Italy.

During the broadcast you can also hear Rob Quicke’s exclusive interview with Mirta Lourenço, Chief of Media Development and Society at UNESCO:

Mirta Lourenco

UNESCO, organizers of World Radio Day, are supporters of this historic broadcast and will be helping promote it.

You can listen to the three-hour webstream live on Thursday, February 13 at 8 am ET / 7 am CT:

Provisional Program Rundown:

Time of program start: 14:00 LOCAL TIME / BOLOGNA
Program duration: 3 hours
To be streamed live to the world

HOUR ONE (Focus on Marconi Museum & Foundation):

Introductions by radio hosts (Brave New Radio, Outside Radio, College Radio Foundation / World College Radio Day)
Marconi intro by Dr. Len O’ Kelly
Address by President of the Marconi Foundation, Professor Giovanni Emanuele Corazza
Interview of President of Marconi Foundation by radio hosts
Greetings #1 : (Teric Cheung, RTHK, Hong Kong; Ari Hautaniemi, Limu Radio Finland; Eva Lus Garate, Radio Universidad de Navarra, Spain; Wired FM, Ireland; Lance Liguez, UTA Radio, USA; Eva Gustavfsson, K103 Göteborgs Studentradio, Sweden; Rossella Biagi, Radiophonica, Italy)
Interview with the nephew of Adelmo Landini, Marconi’s assistant

HOUR TWO (Focus on Outside Radio launch):

Report from the hill of the first Marconi’s experiment
Bridget Charlton feature on the start of Outside Radio
Launch of Outside Radio
Interview with Elettra Marconi, daughter of Guglielmo Marconi
Greetings #2: (Robert Rabin, Radio Vieques, Puerto Rico; WUSC, South Carolina, USA; Flirt FM, Ireland; Nick Jakusz, 95.9 The River, Illinois, USA; Carl Harris, Brookes Radio, Oxford, UK; Dan Hurst, Kansas City, USA; Tom Green, Merge Radio, Oman)

HOUR THREE (Focus on Brave New Radio):

A Love Letter To Radio by Peter Kreten, WXAV, Chicago
Interview with Mirta Lourenco, Chief of Media Development and Society at UNESCO
What does Radio mean to me? – Arthur Roques
Greeting from Joe Riccatelli – RCA Records
Greetings from Paul Rotella, President & CEO, New Jersey Broadcasters Association
The story of Brave New Radio and its impact in the USA
The story of College Radio Day and World College Radio Day around the world
Greetings #3: (Professor Tim Crook, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK; Anabella Poland, WMSC Radio, USA & Argentina; John Morris, College Broadcasters, Inc, USA; KCSU, Colorado, USA; Angela Yee, The Breakfast Club, USA)
Radio Survivor greeting
Conclusion – farewell remarks

21 radio stations & 10 countries actively participating