New Music Faster : The DandyLions


The DandyLions
Glam Rock
RIYL: Jet, The Orwells, Foxy Shazam

If you are looking for more high energy rock in your diet, look no further. Nottingham, UK’s The DandyLions have everything you need, without the hangover in the morning. Okay, maybe you’ll have a little bit of one, but that means you had a great time, right? Coming out swinging with their Bandcamp debut record Less Is More (Leave Them Wanting Less), the band has produced an all killer, no filler record for your ear holes.

Kicking off with “Going Up, Going Down,” the lead track sets the tone for the rest of the record. Much like Barney Stinson’s legendary mixtape, the album continues by cranking it up another notch with the follow up “Domino,” pulling off the group vocal in expert fashion. Carrying the sleaze / glam rock of bands gone by The DandyLions is purely feel good rock for those trying to forget that Boris Johnson is the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

Fortunately, this band, and this record might just heal foreign relations for the UK, in musical form. While they’re no Beatles or Stones, the band certainly shows that they have the sonic capability of catching the ears and minds of those looking to have nothing but a good time. Reminiscent of contemporaries Foxy Shazam, as the album continues, carries some of that vocal styling, with the ever-needed, and well placed guitar solo.

As the album progresses we’re met with the heavy, chugging riff of “Women In Charge,” followed by the bombastic, short, but sweet “Lovin’ On The Street.” Each track further expands on the sonic diversity of the band. Now, while there doesn’t seem to be a ballad on the record, it doesn’t really need it. It’s quick, fun, and carries some of that Steel Panther influence, especially with the track “Hairspray” that is a tongue-in-cheek nod to genre stalwarts of years gone by.

Ultimately, the quartet, comprised of Fortune Boy on vocals, River Adams on guitars, Biscuit on Bass and Faye Stevenitt on Drums, will spread a wide, wise-ass smile across your lips. The record is fun, and if you don’t think so, well, lighten up, dude.

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