New Music Faster : Downcast



Pop-Punk / Hardcore
RIYL: Bayside, Seahaven, Taking Back Sunday

Pop-punk and hardcore sit in a weird sonic area where the music can be vapid and unimpressive. Conversely, the music can be profound and inspirational. Georgia’s Downcast air on the latter. The band’s EP Closure is comprised of a diverse palette of songs from the heavy to somber acoustics. Together they make for a refreshing EP in a somewhat fledgling genre.

Though the album sounds quite dark throughout, there is a nice mixture here from the band’s previous offerings. Those offerings be found on their Bandcamp page. The album has all the ingredients from some of their largest influences (Bayside and Seahaven the most prevalent), but they are capable of taking those sounds and meld them into something that is all their own. There are melodic palm muted verses here, as well as solid solo work throughout. Admittedly, the best part of the record is “On the Edge, but Never Over” a paired down, moody number that shows the band and one of their many facets.

Now, while its not the band’s darkest lyrically, the EP accounts wanting desperately to get through the hard times. There is just something so damn relateable from the band’s lyrics here. While this isn’t new in the genre, this EP embodies feeling hopeless, but overall realizing that closure is necessary to move on with life. Some of these songs even have mainstream appeal which may have an opportunity to land on the radio.

If you are looking for a hard-working band with a solid message that not everything in life is horrible, Downcast just might be for you. Ultimately, this is a band with no bullshit, no frills–just consistent, hardworking musicians putting out music that continues to push the boundaries of what the possibilities of punk can be. Great tunes, dudes.

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