New Music Faster : Codo


Atmospheric Progressive Rock
RIYL: Scale The Summit, The Ocean, (instrumental) Dream Theater

There are a lot of bands doing the post- thing lately. A majority of the time, it works, because their isn’t a vocalist to muck it all up. Toronto, Ontario’s Codo is a band that confirms this belief. No vocals = amazing riffage. Releasing their first release via Bandcamp today entitled Thalassa, there’s a lot of great compositions to be heard. A short, but expansive seven-track endeavor, Codo creates moody atmospheres before launching into some Steve Vai-esque guitar work.

As the album opens, there is some ethereal passages with “Surfaces,” that continues into the longest track on the record “The Diving Bell.” From here, the record continues takes a sharp right turn with some down-tuned chugs and riffs “Shadow in the Black.” Those riffs paired with some expert cymbal splashes give the song a blast-beat feel before launching into riff heavy passages that are likely to melt some brains in the process. This song shows the range Codo has as well.

Following another transition, “Red Forest” uses some synthesizer effects to show a change in sonic palette, even for just the brief minute it lasts. From there, we’re immediately thrown back down the rabbit hole with “Rupture.” Another heavy riff affair, that carries some interesting drum work – some of which is off beat.

As the album chugs along, we’re met with one of the most mesmerizing tracks on the record: “Thalassa.” The ruminating riff that exists here is enough to make you feel like you’re going mad, in the best way. As the riffs breaks into atmospherics, to give you a bit of relief, we tumble down again with barely enough time to breathe. Those breaks happen periodically through the track in an effort to really make you feel crazy as hell – in the best way, of course.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for some riff heavy post-something tunes, this will be for you. There are some sinister riffs here that might pair well with the epicness of deep water dive into madness. Rad listen. Crank it up!