tyker perkins

New Music Faster : Tyler Perkins


Tyler Perkins
Experimental Rock
RIYL: Cake, Zappa, Beefheart

Coming at ya hot with another Illinois artist, this time we’ve got Tyler Perkins. Hailing from Salem, Tyler has produced the tongue-in-cheek EP Please Be Kind and Don’t Rewind. With the panache of a Zappa tune, tinged with Beefheart, there is a bit of experimentalism here. Reminiscent of CAKE too, Tyler Perkins doesn’t break down any sort of crazy barriers, but the song writing is earnest and has an air of individuality.

The lead track “White Noise” is a meandering affair, with fuzz out guitars, before evolving into a ruminating guitar riff and lazy bass riff. Short but sweet, the riff is one that is bound to get stuck in your head, before it evolves into a cacophony of Segall-esque riffs. There’s also good use of tempo-change here that gives it that experimental Zappa vibe.

As the EP continues, the listener is met with “Parking Lot,” an interesting tune that tells a story about being an awkward dude receiving his first kiss in a parking lot. I know it sounds a little stupid, but the imagery contained recalls memories of being an awkward teen. Sonically, this is the song that most reminds me of Zappa. Its frenetic, and despite missing some of the instrumentation, the tempo and air of the song definitely have a Mothers vibe.

Then, out of the blue, we’re met with “You Remind Me of Me,” arguably the most well produced song on the record. Featuring vocals from Avelyn Sexton, Perkins strips down all the zaniness to produce a song replete with a moody song paired with sweet acoustic guitar riff. The song is short, but it works the way it needs to, closing the EP in a tidy fashion.

Ultimately, Perkins creates a solid debut effort with some bizarre songs that are ear-catching and enjoyable for those that like something a bit off kilter.