We started the week with a superstar, Logic. Logic is a hip-hop artist based out of Maryland. His new release is called “44 More”. He is an artist who puts a lot of work in and gets noticed for it. You should check him out no matter what your musical taste is. Logic is someone to definitely keep an eye out for, he has big things coming his way.

Tuesday gave us a fuzz rock/grunge sound from Marcellus Rex. All the way from France, this trio has a killer sound along with a reminder that grunge rock is still alive and thriving. Their first EP was just released but according to Facebook they have been around for about 2 years. Their debut EP packs a punch with a mixture of stoner rock riffs, a vocal delivery to be reckoned with, and amazing energy.

Wednesday was a tough review to find words for. We had what might have been the last song Chris Cornell recorded before his tragic death last year. “You Never Really Knew My Mind” is a moving song with strong lyricism. The song was recorded at Cash Cabin in Tennessee, and now we can’t help but wonder if this song was about the emotions that were going through his head at this time. This song is reminiscent of everything Johnny Cash was about. Due out on April 6th what we have is just a small piece of what we can expect. Rest easy, Chris.