New Music Faster : Michael Rault


Michael Rault
Indie Rock
RIYL: Smith Westerns, Dr. John, Foxygen

While its no secret that Michael Rault has been in the studio for the past year or so (he released “Sleep With Me” late last year), he’s finally revealed that we can expect a new full-length record from him this Spring.

Sporting the title It’s A New Day Tonight the forthcoming album will be released May 18th through a Daptone Records imprint, Wick Records in the U.S. and Sleepless Records in Canada. What’s surprising about this, is that Daptone is known for releasing a lot of R & B and soul acts, even through their various imprints, so them picking up Rault is rad.

It’s been said that the record will have a dark vibe to it, with many of the songs peering at activities such as sleep, and other nocturnal activities. Further, from what we’ve heard on the previously released “Sleep With Me,” the album would fit well into the ’70s era and those bands that were capable of crossing over from folk rock, to the power pop sheen.

That said, we’ve got a new track from the record (as you saw above) titled “I’ll Be There.” The song does well in bridging the aforementioned sounds, with a touch of the 21st century in it’s bones.

Not only to we get that optimism, but we also get a nod toward one of Rault’s (and let’s be honest – most of our influences) in The Beatles. Here, Rault sings “Rain, shine, I don’t mind,” a lyric akin to that of “Here Comes The Sun.” Of course, the song and record are being released during the perfect time where we look to shed the trappings of winter, en lieu of sunny skies. Naturally, there is likely a deeper meaning to the lyricism here, but even at a surface level the song speaks toward optimism. We look forward to the rest of the album, Michael!

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