Alternative pop/rock duo
RIYL: Lenny Kravitz, he Black Keys, Matchbox Twenty, Maroon 5

Ah, the glory days of the 90s when the assured swagger of Lenny Kravitz as well as Mick Hucknell of Simply Red were frequently heard on radio stations across the world. It was that likeable fusion of R&B along with excellent pop sensibilities that assured a long lifespan for both artists and the music they were producing during this period. The music itself seemed to be timeless in its sound, and therefore was welcomed by many for being congruent with pop playlists that featured both young and old artists.

Firmly in this tradition then, and coming from Toronto, is TANTRiX. Formed in May of 2016, TANTRiX is Eddie Silver and Matt Mio. The duo is self-described as “a unique and authentic sound mixing influences of R&B, rock, funk, reggae, and hip-hop then fusing them with an original pop style that has a nostalgic, easy-going West Coast vibe.”  On their website they offer an explanation of why they chose the TANTRiX name, that it came from “the metaphysical concept of tantric love, supporting the open expression of one’s beliefs, creativity, and personality to achieve unity.” The result is music that exuberates upbeat pop retro-stylings and infectious melodies.

We Become One is their latest single. This is a tightly written three-minute song that features a catchy chorus, with assured vocals from Matt Mio throughout, but what really seals the deal is Eddie Silver’s glorious guitar work that erupts into a blazing solo at the 2:10 mark.  This is music that’s confident, enormously likeable, and unafraid to showcase the strong writing talents of Mio and Silver, and as such, deserves your attention.

By Rob Quicke

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