VINYLTHON DIARY#3: 3.04.2019

VINYLTHON DIARY#3: 3.04.2019

By Rob Quicke, Vinylthon founder.

We are back from the 79th annual IBS Conference in NYC! This last weekend was important for us – as often we find that face-to-face interactions are really vital when it comes to getting people to learn about and then sign up for Vinylthon. Or, put it another way, we can get 20 stations to sign up for Vinylthon in 24 hours, as opposed to within two weeks if we are just online!


Students signing up for Vinylthon 2019
How do you like our new pop-up banner?

We had a table and set up our stuff, and our board member Tim Craig also had donated a newly-purchased gold turntable for us to raffle off! I think a lot of students were entranced by our turntable that was spinning some cool albums, and different colored limited edition discs! We also were selling our new Vinylthon zine and poster that had just been printed two days before. In addition to this we had an avalanche of stickers, buttons and pens to give away. So the event was a success and we were thrilled that so many students and advisors are stoked about the event! This will be our biggest ever!


The winner of the turntable raffle! With (from L to R) Tim Craig, Rob Quicke, raffle winner, Anabella Poland


This last week we secured our first ever commercial radio station! WTBQ is in Warwick, NY, and I will be going there to launch Vinylthon early on Saturday, April 13. We are also approaching other commercial radio stations, but progress is slow so far. I think some stations genuinely don’t have the ability to plug in a turntable (if they even have one) and go analog for an hour. But we are not giving up!

We are also still trying our best to get some good interviews lined up for participating stations to play. I know we already have Dave Mustaine, but we are looking to add to that and I don’t want to mention any names here, in case I jinx it! But, hopefully we can announce some more names soon.

Finally, the team that organizes Vinylthon have talked about what it would take for us to put together a vinyl album and release it on Record Store Day. We love the idea of putting together a compilation record of the best unsigned artists we can find. This is an idea that we will explore further. But I can think of nothing more exciting than releasing our first ever vinyl record on Vinylthon day! It would have to be colored vinyl, right? Too bloody right!