Pudsige Herrer
Psych Rock
RIYL: Black Sabbath, Wand, Red Fang

There’s something to be said for a band that can catch your ear from the first note to the last on any given release. Some bands are more successful in doing so in single formats. Other’s in full-length media. For Pudsige Herrer (Pretty Gentlemen), a psych rock trio from Aarhus, Denmark do the latter. Featured here is their forthcoming EP Syretesten (which translates to Acid Test).

Officially releasing January 1, 2018, Syretesten is a quartet of killer songs with an immense amount of groove. Vocalist Jakob Rohde-Kappel has a killer voice reminiscent of Rob Halford, especially in his vibrato. Kári Birk Wellsandt, bassist / guitarist and Mads Fjeldvig, drummer round out the pounding rhythm section. With their powers combined, the trio have produced arguably the best psych rock EP of 2017.

From the EP’s opener “Fremtidens Bølge” (The Wave of the Future) to the closer “0-0-0” the group pummel your ear-drums in the best way. The guitar work is chuggy like Tony Iommi, and the drums inspire a rhythmic cadence reminiscent of Bill Ward. Each song has the pocket groove sound that will garner all sorts of physical responses, from toe-tapping to outright headbanging. Further, their are plenty of riffs and licks for even the casual rock fan to get behind.

Lyrically, it seems as if all words are in Danish, so unless you’re a native speaker or familiar with the language, it is difficult to discern what Rohde-Kappel in singing about. Given the song title translations “Øjne” (Eyes) and “På Vej” (On The Road) it sounds as if the group is continuing the psych rock canon in the best way. On the latter, “På Vej” there are some killer guitar passages that are likely a scream to see live.

Ultimately, if you are into heavy, rhythmic psych rock, Pudsige Herrer are not a band to miss. There are some whimsical passages, with a feeling of a acid party rock vibe. Killer tunes, from some great musicians. When in doubt, crank it up, and bang your head!

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