Introducing our new Presidents of WCRD and CRD 2020!

This year we are excited to announce our new Presidents for World College Radio Day around the globe, and College Radio Day in the USA. Eva Gustavfsson (right in photo) will serve as President of WCRD for the next two years and lives in Sweden. Anabella Poland (left in photo) will serve as President of CRD for the next two years and lives in New Jersey, USA. To introduce them to you, we asked them a few questions…

Please tell us where you work and what you do.

Eva: I’m station manager at K103 Gothenburg Student Radio, Sweden for the last 11 years. Being a station manager means you do everything, since I’m the only person employed.

Anabella: I am the general manager at 90.3 WMSC FM, Montclair State University’s campus radio station. I am also a radio and podcast production instructor at the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State.




What is your very first memory of getting involved with student radio?

Eva: I started with community radio in High School and later also at the University. In the beginning I mainly saw it as a forum to share my knowledge of music, but also find new music.

Anabella:  After spending 17 years in the media industry in a variety of roles including foreign correspondent (El Exprimidor, Argentina), segment producer (ABC News Good Morning America) and director of talent and industry relations (SiriusXM), I accepted my current position as General Manager of WMSC. First impressions always last, and my first memory is from my first visit to the station to be interviewed by four students who were part of the student management team. I felt it was pertinent for the university to seek student input when hiring the person who would run the organization and mentor the students. The students demonstrated an eagerness to grow and learn and were generous with their time which allowed me to get a real sense of the culture of the station. As a live producer, I love unedited, raw moments on-air, and college radio offers this in a way that makes my heart sing even if at times it skips (laughs), but that is the beauty of college radio. The role of mentoring students to learn a craft I love so much since childhood, and witness their transformation is something I will never take for granted.

Tell us about a favorite memory or moment you’ve had with student radio?

Eva: I think the small moments outshine the big event broadcasts, meeting celebrities or listening to records. Nothing beats seeing the happiness and pride of a student who has just done their first interview or broadcast.

Anabella: There are so many, but any time we come together to pull an on-air marathon whether it is College Radio Day, our Anniversary or Vinylthon, the team really shines during these crazy long days! I love the coordination and communication that exists during those events and I strive to have them replicate it all year-round.

Why is student radio so important?

Eva: Student radio is the voice of the next generation, where they themselves decide what should be heard and told and in what way. It’s a community where the producer and consumer are very close to each other and therefore quickly can change and evolve.

Anabella: Universities foster creativity and innovation, and campus stations give students a place for personal growth and the resource to gain technical skills while providing an opportunity to highlight hyper-local community issues and promote local artists.

What are you most excited about with this year’s upcoming World College Radio Day / College Radio Day?

Eva: The 10-year anniversary! This shows how important and appreciated this day is. Let’s improve it even more! It’s time to reach more listeners with the 24-hr Global Marathon. I think we can improve the promotion and reach further around the globe.

Anabella: It is the 10th Anniversary of World College Radio Day and that is super exciting! To reach a milestone of celebrating a medium we are so passionate about while helping stations in need is a very noble thing to do! Additionally, the technology has gotten increasingly more affordable, facilitating collaboration across the planet (it truly feels like we are the United Nations of Radio). It has been an incredible ride for me to be part of this world event and the coordinating team for four years and see the amount of excitement and fantastic content produced by students, but equally, the excitement this generates for the professors seeking to increase student participation in what was once the first social media!

Who do you listen to the most when it comes to music?

Eva: A wide range of hip-hop, pop, indie, classical and electronic music. For the moment, my Gods are Robyn, Nils Frahm and Lauv.

Anabella: I have a pretty eclectic musical taste, but most music I listen to is either guitar or piano driven. My wheelhouse is rock and hard rock (GNR, Queen, Megadeth, Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Joan Jett, Muse, Sifting, etc.)  but I also love great synth sounds (Muse, Gorillaz, Chvrches, etc.) and have a huge passion for classical and score music, especially when I am studying or focusing on a complex project. My two favorite composers are John Williams and Hans Zimmer. My all-time favorite classical composer is Tchaikovsky.

If you could interview anyone, alive or dead, who would that be and why?

Eva: Aretha Franklin. What a voice, career and life. Imagine listening to her ten most important songs and getting the stories behind them and the time when they were produced!

Anabella: I would love to interview Albert Einstein because, besides being the father of modern physics, a philosopher of science and one of the most influential thinkers, the world is in dire need to reestablish the relevance of science. Unfortunately, scientists’ authority has been challenged by wide-spread misinformation and unfounded conspiracy theories found on the world wide web and sidelined by powerful political figures.





Do you have any personal motto or creed that you live by?

Eva: If it feels good to me, it is good for me!

Anabella: “The way you do anything, is the way you do everything” – Martha Beck

Thanks Eva and Anabella and we wish you all the best as you start these new roles!