Marcellus Rex
Fuzz Rock / Grunge
RIYL: Helmet, Tool, Stone Temple Pilots

Hailing from Bordeaux, France, today we have new tunes from Marcellus Rex. Comprised of Chris T-Rex, Manu O’Saurus, and Lawrence O’Tops, this power trio prove that prehistoric beasts are not dead. Instead, they are very much alive, and create some pretty killer tunes. With a mixture of stoner rock riffs, a vocal delivery akin to that of Scott Weiland, and some pocket groove the group’s eponymous EP packs a punch.

From the EP’s start of Rollerball, we are met with a rolling bass line that sets up for the aforementioned pocket groove. From there, we get a layer of guitar and vocals that bring together the production into full effect. Sprinkle in some synth / keys, and this rocker of a tune has all the trappings of something pulled from mid-90s musical grave-site and resuscitated to kick ass once again.

As the EP continues, the band continues to up the ante with a straight ahead rock tune in “Red Sunset,” that has an ear-catching lead riff. From there, there’s a bit of a sonic shift, leading with drums to start the track on “Limbo Within.” What’s killer about this track is the ruminating lead riff, that, when paired with the off-beat synth serves as the attention-getter before we’re met with solid lyricism. In addition, the keyboard bridge contained is not anything I’ve heard in a long time.

Now, as the album comes to a close, we’re met with a barn-burner of a bluesy rock track “Up Ends Down.” This track shows the band has a bit of Alice in Chains influence up their sleeves. The harmonica and accompanying yarl delivery contains everything I love about that era in rock music. Not to mention these guys know how to pen a riff. Great axemanship here too.

What’s astounding is that it’s the band’s debut EP, but according to their Facebook page, they’ve been known as Marcellus Rex since October of 2016. Now, it seems that they’ve been France’s best kept heavy secret, and we’re glad that Manu shared this with us today.

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