Register for College Radio Day 2019!

Dear friends,

We are delighted to announce registration for College Radio Day 2019 is now OPEN! As always, it’s FREE to participate!

For the past eight years, we’ve come together to celebrate what makes us unique and to fill the voids that traditional media may overlook. Last year, over 400 college radio stations around the world participated in CRD!
This event is more important than ever as universities sell off their student stations, campuses cut funding and stations go off the air. College Radio Day is a celebration of who we are, and an important reminder that we still exist and are doing great things!

There are also special benefits for all CRD participating stations:

* Your station will be eligible for College Radio Station Grants as we give funding to the college radio stations that need it the most!

*FREE Hindenburg Broadcaster Software for every participating station

* 20% off for new stations signing up for Spinitron and free 90-day trial ($240 value)

* Discount on CRD T-shirts and other merchandise

That’s all for now! We hope you will register your college radio station!