Vinylthon 2018 College Radio Programming Guide

Note: this is a partial list being updated regularly as we receive information from the 90+ participating stations about their specific plans for the Vinylthon.

Stations going for the full 24 hours:

UTA Radio, University of Texas at Arlington

UTA Radio will play vinyl all 24 hours, starting at midnight. Eleven student DJs will participate for the station, and each will do a two-hour shift. Gospel, hip-hop and hard rock are on the playlist so far.

KSUA 91.5 FM, University of Alaska Fairbanks

“KSUA is planning on a 24 hour vinyl marathon! You can see a detailed Vinylthon schedule for KSUA here. “

KMNR 89.7 FM, Missouri University of Science & Technology

“We’re going to try to do 24 hours of all vinyl!”

WMSC, Montclair State University

“Going for 24 hours again this year!”

WLOY Loyola Radio, Loyola University Maryland

“We did 24 hrs of vinyl last year and plan that again!”

KTXT 88.1 The Raider, Texas Tech University

“Our station will be playing vinyl for 24 hours!”

89.7 WRHS-FM Norridge-Chicago, Ridgewood High School

“We are going to try to go all vinyl from late Friday afternoon to early Sunday morning!”

88.9 WRDL, Ashland University

“As a recipient of the 2017 Golden Slipmat Award last year, WRDL is going to be broadcasting 24 hours of vinyl again in 2018!”

WVTC 90.7FM, Vermont Technical College

“WVTC will be committing to another 24-hour marathon of nothing but the wax for this year’s Vinylthon!”

WXUT, the University of Toledo

“We are planning on 24 hours of vinyl music on our station on April 21st. Furthermore, we are planning on having one DJ host the entire 24-hour broadcast.”

91.7 The Edge, University of Wisconsin

“91.7 The Edge will be doing 24 hours of vinyl!”

88.1 WRFL, University of Kentucky Lexington

“Starting at 00:00 on the 21st till 23:59, we will be using records, 45s, etc only.”

WCCH 103.5FM, Holyoke Community College

“Our station is going the 24 hours! We are having guests from other radio stations, community and commercial, drop in and talk about records, maybe spin a few as well. DJs have split the day with many overlapping timespots for co-hosting. We have a list of fun record facts we will be saying throughout the day and a list of all the local record stores and how they are participating that day. DJ’s have all brought in their own records as the station only had a handful left from the old mail-promotion days. There will likely be a mix of pop and classic rock, as well as reggae, hip hop, jazz and classical! We have one DJ “The Mad Hatter” who always plays funny random sound bytes for transitions and he skips around genres. He is going to be spinning random clips from a Flintstones and other storybooks read aloud record another DJ brought in. Looks like it will be just as wacky as ever! The most people will be in around 10-12 so we might do a big talk segment when we have them.”

WHIP Radio, Temple University

“We intend to broadcast vinyl for 24 hours from 12 pm on Saturday April 21st until 12 pm on Sunday April 22nd.”

WPSC – Brave New Radio, William Paterson University

“No guts, no glory – we are going the full 24 hours. Founder of College Radio Day, Rob Quicke, is also doing a special show at 2 – 4 pm EST!”

Wiley Radio, Purdue University

“We’re heading up a 24-hr vinyl marathon starting at 1pm Friday, in collaboration with the Purdue Vinyl Club, who will be performing a number of special guest slots on the station alongside our regular DJs. Saturday morning, we’re going to one of the local record stores on opening and spinning vinyl in their store while interviewing people on their purchases, and Saturday at 1pm, we’re passing over to a Record Store Day concert that we’re both hosting and running sound for, outside the local library, which we’ll both broadcast live and spin records as between-show music.”

RMU Radio, Robert Morris University

“We are down for the full 24 hours!”

KSDB, Kansas State University

“KSDB is already signed up for 24-hours of vinyl again this year. In addition to that, we’ll be doing remotes from a local record store here in town. We also plan on broadcasting on Facebook live for a good part of the day.”

WGLZ, West Liberty University

“We are hoping to combine Vinylthon into our campus’ environmental education day.  Our part is trying to get the community to “recycle your vinyl”. It’s 24 hours for us”

KMSC Fusion 93, Morningside College

“We are planning to go the full 24 hours. We have 15 different DJ’s signed up throughout the day, where we’ll be playing music from a variety of different genres including some rare albums. All our records have been donated to us by our generous professor here at Morningside College and even some of our own students.”

WGFR at SUNY Adirondack

“WGFR at SUNY Adirondack will celebrate Vinylthon with 24 hours of music from our 20-year old Techniques SL1200MK2 turntables.  We’ve got a full line-up of current students and alumni who will spin 100% of music from vinyl from midnight to midnight.  This is WGFR’s second year participating in the event.  Last year, we did 17 hours.”

KRUX 91.5 FM, New Mexico State University

KRUX 91.5FM completed its first 24 hour Vinylthon last year and is more ready than ever to take home a golden slipmat! With 2 DJ’s in the booth every three hours you never know what mix you’ll get. Taking a break in the middle of the day to support our Aggie Baseball team then rolling into the night with a few special edition shows since there is nothing but Vinyl and with the whole day helping to promote the last day of our annual Music festival, Kruxfest, this Vinylthon will be nothing but rocking tunes and a good time! Tune in on or the Tune In app.

WDWN, Cayuga Community College

“WDWN will be on the air from 12 noon to 6pm playing tunes and having a good time while doing it. If we have it, we will play it.”

KACV-FM, Amarillo College

“We will be playing 3 hours of Vinyl from 9am-Noon on April 21st. Students will bring favorites from their collections to play on the air. We plan on posting to Facebook and Instagram during the event, plus we’ll probably produce a short video after the event to share with our followers.”

XHRUV Radio, Universidad Veracruzana

“On April 21st, we’re preparing 6 hours of a special live broadcast with renowned DJs, talks with vinyl collectors: Todo Rock and Black Circle (Record Stores), and also, a vinyl trade with the attendants.

In addition, we are so excited to announce our Vinyl Culture Film Club. The week before Vinylthon (April 16th to 20th), we will be screening 5 movies/documentaries: Private Parts (Betty Thomas, 1997), Copyright Criminals (Benjamin Franzen, Kembrew McLeod 2009), Scratch (Doug Pray, 2001), Eden (Mia Hansen-Love, 2014) and High Fidelity (Stephen Frears, 2000).

Our special guests come from Ciudad de Mexico, Puebla, San Luis Potosí and Chicago. So, the line-up goes like this: Jorge Hernández (Tamarindo Sound System), Ernesto Collinot, The Black and Deckers (Antulio, Dj Platas and Coronel) and Brendan Flannery.

You can follow us on different devices. We will be giving updates and feedback on twitter, using your hashtags #vinylthon #vinylthon2018 and #collegeradioonrecordstoreday and #joysofvinyl.

Please, check our broadcasting live on our Facebook page:; on the official university website:; the App available for iOS: and android:

And finally, the Podcast will be available soon at:”

Uni Radio 99.7 FM XHUAX, the University of State of Mexico

“The 21st of April Uni Radio 99.7 fm will broadcast a selection of music entirely on vinyl format from 9am to 4pm.

9:00 am Pin Pon Papas: The kids themed show from Uni Radio will have music from 80’s kids bands directly from the archives of our childhood memories.

10:00 am Recuerdos al Aire: Music show that reminds us of what our mom, dad and grandparents use to listen, genres like Bolero, Ranchera and even Big Bands that will sound directly from the crates of our grandparents houses.

11:00 am Néstor and Ilse continue with the vinyl selection live at Plastic Passion Record Store.

12:00 Raúl Romero and Marinho Aguilar will be live at the radio booth playing a selection of songs on vinyl directly from their turntables.

13:00 pm Luis Garcia and Alonso Guzmán will do a live transmission from the Record Store Sun Metal Shop (One of the RSDMX afiliated stores)

14:00 pm Heber Quijano will play a selection of Salsa tunes from his personal vinyl selection.

15:00 pm Last but not least we will invite our listeners to the radio booth to play any song they have on vinyl format.”

WQHS Radio, University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia

“We will have daily blog posts going up on our website ( starting on Monday 4/16, leading up to the event on Saturday. Each post will feature one of our DJs telling their personal story related to vinyl: why it’s important, spotlighting a memorable record they own, etc. And on Saturday, we will shift coverage to our social media, namely Instagram, to highlight our station’s library and the DJs spinning vinyl!”

WMUL, Marshall University

“Currently here at WMUL, we’re planning on playing a couple of hours of vinyl-sourced hip-hop, alternative and more starting at 12pm! Our very own DJ BEEFCAKE will be master of ceremonies for the occasion.

WRSU Rutgers Radio, Rutgers University

“We will be hosting an all-vinyl show from 4-6PM on Saturday. The theme will be the “Early Days of FM Rock Radio.”