It’s time to give back to college radio!

This year, for the first time, the College Radio Foundation announced the recipients of five awards from our new College Radio Grant Program. We were delighted to make the announcement on College Radio Day, Friday, November 4.


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Our grant program provides deserving college radio stations in need of financial assistance with financial grants. These grants can be used by stations to maintain their functionality as a college radio stations through equipment purchases and repairs, covering the cost of licensing, or through continuing education at college radio related conferences. A grant can also be used to help a station with their own promotional events and activities.

We were very proud to announce the following winners:

$1000 to WJGR 97.1 The Prowl, University of South Alabama, that hopes to demonstrate that radio is a viable and relevant medium that is instrumental to the lives of students through student engagement and a sense of community and belonging. The money from this grant will assist in the operations of the station, primarily securing the necessary copyright licenses.

$500 to WDBK, Camden County College, who plans to use the funds to purchase a mixer that will enable headphone usage and allow their DJs to feed a variety of signals into the broadcast. The mixer will enable control over Megaseg playback, 3 discrete microphones, a vinyl record player, and a discrete output for their streaming signal/computer. The mixer will also make it easier for DJ’s to record their shows.

$500 to 90.1 FM Mt. Rock Radio, KSAK, and, Mt. San Antonio College, who plan to use this grant to help send their radio students to conferences, to learn and be inspired, and also to promote their stations on campus to make more students aware of their radio programs and classes.

$500 to RadioCMC – KUURHD2, Colorado Mountain College. RadioCMC’s current station is far off campus. They’ve recently been given a small room on campus, which they plan to transform into a broadcast studio so that more students are able to get involved. They plan to use this grant to purchase essential equipment to begin this transformation.

$500 to WVBR, Cornell University who plans to use this grant to help fund the construction of a new broadcast tower, which must be replaced.

Although we only had the resources to provide five station grants, the number of applications for these grants was tremendous. For those who applied but were unsuccessful, you may find some useful information on financial assistance provided by GoFundMe. The number of applicants for these grants just goes to show how many stations out there require financial support.

This obvious need for financial support just highlights how much we need your help to make these grants a regular (every semester) occurrence.

Please become a ‘Friend of College Radio’ today. We need your support so we can make a difference to the hundreds of college radio stations in the country! Your membership dues will go directly into the grant program that is given to stations (80%) and the remaining (20%) will help with running the annual College Radio Day event and additional operating costs. We are a registered charity with the one simple goal: to support college radio in all its forms! Join us!