New Music Faster: Rae Morris

Rae Morris
Pop / Singer-songwriter / Electronica
RIYL: Imogen Heap, Kate Bush, Foxes

What if there was a singer that was truly original in her delivery, an artist that was astonishing at writing and playing her own emotionally compelling material, and yet almost totally unknown in the USA?

Rae Morris is that artist. She is also an artist that deserves to be taken seriously and immediately so. Her new album, “Someone Out There” is released today and is a remarkable testament to her continuing evolution as both songwriter and singer. Hailing from Blackpool, England, Rae Morris has been playing the piano since the age of four, and performing much of the last decade as a professional.  As most of her songs are piano/vocal compositions, this latest album is evidence of bold experimentation, as she steps into a musical landscape of electronic synthesizers and techno-inspired rhythms and atmospheres. Songs such as “Do It” and “Atletico” are great examples of songs that will take residency in your brain and which showcase her incredible vocal range as well as refreshingly catchy and bright melodies.

One thing that we also notice is that Rae Morris is an artist that does not hold back. Check out the incredibly emotionally-open start to the album “Push Me to My Limit”. It is indicative of Morris’s talent that her songs are no-nonsense in their approach, and strongly crafted without any unnecessary trappings or distractions. Another such example is “Lower the Tone” that recalls Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” in its upfront vocal bravery.

Listened in context, “Someone Out There” is evidence of Morris’s growing confidence in both her songwriting and singing. Her first album, 2015’s “Unguarded”, was a long-awaited debut, after being cultivated and developed by her record label for many years. With that album and the release of those songs that Morris had been playing for many years, it’s exciting to now hear the new material that she has written over the last 24 months, and for them to confirm that Morris has the talent to create a lot more to come. If there is any justice, Morris will soon be rightfully recognized everywhere for being an artist who can seriously move you with her music. As authentic as it gets.