Namoo Nara
Downtempo / Trip Hop
RIYL: Morcheeba, Björk, Cults

Namoo Nara is fantastic for those looking to cut their teeth on contemporary downtempo music. The songs aren’t overly complex, but the compositions flow well into one another, and aren’t overtly challenging to handle. The duo, consisting of producer Gabsung Lim and Leah Mertz, hail from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. While Lim does a majority of the arrangements and production, the music doesn’t seem like it wouldn’t be complete with Mertz’s vocals. Serene and weightless, each song on their newest EP Imaginary Places is saccharine, yet moody.

While there might not be over-the-top in-your-face production, the songs don’t need it. Instead, there are ebbs and flows that increase the dynamism of the EP. Further, despite not being your typical downtempo record, there are spots throughout the album that Morcheeba couldn’t have written with such finesse.

That said, the album opener “Sweat” has a sweetness to it. Mertz’s vocals, though slightly modified carry the song, as well as the production from Lim. In retrospect, it is very reminiscent of a lighter How To Destroy Angels. The follow-up track “Noonchi” seems strategically placed too. As a purely instrumental track, it serves as a lead-up to my favorite track on the EP “Diver.”

“Diver” has that Morcheeba vibe to it. It is also a pure kick back tune – something you can put on a just relax the day away. Lim’s instrumentation and sampling is mesmerizing, and seemingly playful in some ways – while tranquil in others. Mertz’s voice paired with the instrumentation is nothing to scoff at either. The soft tones she conjures provide for a complete atmosphere of wonder.

Ultimately, Coming across downtempo music that is worth your time can be a daunting task. Namoo Nara produces fantastic downtempo / trip hop musings, with a touch of psychedelic. Don’t believe me? Take it for a spin. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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