New Music Faster : harmacy | PISS SHY

New Music Faster : harmacy | PISS SHY


Is this loud enough for you?

By Anthony Saia

harmacy | PISS SHY
RIYL: The Dillinger Escape Plan, Counterparts, Rotten Blossom

Noisy music. It’s what makes the world go round. Really. Today, we’ve got just that – a split EP of raucous tunes from Atlanta, Georgia’s harmacy & PISS SHY.

Of course, it can be difficult to really break down a split of work. It is even harder if the bands are polar opposites. This is not the situation in this case. Both harmacy and PISS SHY are LOUD. That said, they are both loud without coming off as too abrasive. Though, it should be said that of the two, harmacy has a bit more “melody” to their heaviness. What PISS SHY might lack in melody, they make up in other ways – especially with their sonic texturing.

That said, just looking at harmacy’s tracks as stand alone work, both “Be” and “Free” have infectious groove to them. Admittedly, upon first listen, I found myself drawn to the bass guitar work first. It’s reminiscent of some of Les Claypool’s Primus work – without being too out there. The band, consisting of Bar (vocals), Eric (drums), Karl (bass), and Blake (guitar), have put together two very powerful tracks that low-key remind me of Bleach-era Nirvana.

On the flip side, PISS SHY seem to experiment more with off-kilter time signatures and shreddy soundscapes that are enough to make any hardcore fan toss themselves around in a fit of glee. The band, consisting of Blake (Drums), Cody (guitar/vocals), Luke (guitar), and Ben (guitar), make songs that make you wanna twist yourself up, and unwind as quickly, and ferociously as possible. Imagine the craziest hardcore show you’ve ever been to. Now multiply that by 100. That’s PISS SHY.

Ultimately, we’re tossing something at you that might be an acquired taste. It happens.