The Dear Hunter
Progressive Rock
RIYL: The Receiving End of Sirens, Thank You Scientist, Coheed and Cambria

From the band’s Bandcamp page:
We’ve never had a hit song—never been invited to a late night talk show—never had a song in a movie… but somehow, we are here in a place I never imagined possible. The Dear Hunter has been able to become the band we are today due to over a decade of passionate support from so many of you.

When I wrapped up Act V and we discussed our touring plans to support it, I felt it could be a great opportunity to do something we hadn’t done before. After navigating through a few different ideas, one hit me, and within a few seconds, I was committed to seeing it realized. Our goal would be to invite our friends—fans of the band—into the creative process… to be a conduit for their hearts and minds.

In the past, I’ve been clear about my desire to create for myself—to try and cut out the idea of perception while writing—to essentially pretend the music will never be heard until it is. This is different. While every single one of you is wholly unique, this EP, and these people, represent the extended family of The Dear Hunter – all of you leaving a fingerprint on these songs, and this project.

Thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do, for us. Thank you for this EP.
– Casey

The Dear Hunter is a band that you probably haven’t heard of. Even if you have, its likely that you heard about them from some crazed fanboy, or while you were looking for the band Deer Hunter. That said, it is a tragedy if you don’t know them, because this is their 23rd official release. Yeah. You read that right 23, and this is the band, in top form.

That said, the band has an immense following amongst those die hard fans. What’s interesting is that the band is so invested in it’s fans that the EP All Is As All Should Be features musicians and songwriters from their fanbase. All six songs were written and composed by the band, and a handful of their fans.

What comes from this is a magnificent six-song mini-opus that ebbs and flows as the tracks tick by. EP opener “The Right Wrong” has apparent progressive tones, that carry a lot of The Dear Hunter’s standard sound. Vocalist Casey Crescenzo’s voice has staying power here. With the backing vocals provided by most of the band, we hear the operatic element shine through. The track also has a great cadence and flow, picking up tempo in some parts, and toning it down a touch in others, before leading to “Blame Paradise.”

The second single released from the EP, “Blame Paradise” carries some interesting electronic elements on the front half of the song. These elements carry though the remainder of the track, but what is really ear-catching about the tune is the driving beat contained within. Paired with CC’s guitar tone, and sweet keyboard leads, the song is moody in the best way. What’s also interesting to note is that the song has a break with some moody soundscapes that totally sound like a demogorgon!

As the EP progresses, the songs contained feel like a collaborative fleshing out songs that might not have made it to previous releases. This is most apparent on “Beyond The Pale,” that carries a lot of the same song structures and delivery as something we’ve heard from the band’s records Act IV & V.

We also hear songs that could have been cast offs from previous releases such as “Shake Me (Awake)” that carries overtones of something heard on their record Migrant where hearkens back to the Acts That said “Witness Me” and album closer and title track “All Is That Should Be” give us a clear direction of where the band might be coming into the production of the rumored Act VI. It should also be said that “AITSB” is one of the best album / EP closers of 2017. Just saying.

Ultimately, if you are not familiar with the band, this EP is cool introduction to them. You’ll hear elements from all their previous work, as well as a glimpse into the many faces of the group. The songwriting, is fantastic, which is no surprise to us, but might prove refreshing for you too. The band is on tour right now, so check them out if you have a chance. Great job to all involved on the project. Keep dreaming, folks.

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