New Music Faster : Arches


Post Rock / Instrumental
RIYL: Russian Circles, Animals As Leaders, Ninth Moon Black

Every band has a cool beginning, but sometimes, bands have sand ends.

From Arches’s Facebook page:

Happy to release our EP we recorded with Matt Full last October and recently mastered by Levi Miller at Front & Center Recordings !!!

Matt was incredible to work with and helped us capture something that we are really proud of. A labor of love. I would strongly recommend working with Matt for your next musical project! Huge thanks to Levi and everyone else who supported us and made this possible.

Sadly on a different note, we will be taking an indefinite hiatus for the foreseeable future. Thanks to everyone who had us on a show, came to see us and cared in any way. Big thanks to Chris Perry for hooking us up in so many ways. We owe you bud. We will continue to pursue music in different avenues, so keep an eye out.

Despite the band calling it quits the day they released their debut EP, we’re still stoked as heck to be able to share this music with you. Arches, hailing from Frederick, Maryland, took painstaking strides to put this EP together. Comprised seven well-thought out tracks, there is an ethereal air about the music that pulls the listener through. Songs like “Whirlaway” have a whimsical feel to it, while “Feel Estate” and “Tombstone” take a somber tone.

To be frank, it is sad that we won’t be able to see what Andrew, Daniel, and Tim might have had up their sleeves for a full-length record. There was definitely A LOT of potential here. Overall though, we at New Music Faster are grateful that the dudes were willing to share their music with the world. It’s a great swan song, and we’re stoked to share it with you.

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