Acid Dad
Garage Rock
RIYL: The Orwells, Japandroids, Wand

Hailing from New York, the quartet of Acid Dad are back again with a short, but killer 7″ via Greenway Records.

I had a chance to see these guys during Treefort Music Festival 2016, and was immediately floored by the amount of energy conveyed from their live set. The amplifiers buzzed and the floor shook the upstairs of the historic Olympic venue. All those in attendance seemed to have a blast. I think what is so great about them is they seem to be a no-nonsense kind of band. What you hear on their record (or in this case, 2-track 7″) is what you see live. No frills. No gimmicks. Just rad, floor stomping psych rock.

The tracks featured on this new 7″ are “Die Hard” with “Bodies” on the b-side. “Die Hard” commences with a light guitar intro, before launching into a killer rock track. If you don’t bob your head on this track, I dare say I’m concerned for your health. There are sing-a-long vocals here as well, that alludes to where the band might be headed on their next full-length, due out sometime during the Spring of next year.

The b-side, “Bodies” takes on a different persona, leaning more toward a slow burning rock vibe, opening with a simple drum beat, and nice little riff that drives the listener through. Underneath, we get a soft rhythm guitar, while the bass seems to double the main riff. Vocally, the delivery is laid back, but catchier than a cold in a hospital.

Ultimately, these two tracks are a nice entry point for an up and coming band who deserves more of the limelight. The songwriting is tight, and is driven by some sweet psychedelic undertones. If you have a chance to see these guys, you might run into this writer at a show, having a grand ole time. That said, while this 7″ is only a preview of what’s to come, the band show that they can hang with the best of ’em.

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