This year, for World College Radio Day 2021, we recognize that many college radio stations are not operating as usual. For many stations, the students do not have regular access, or perhaps any access, to their radio station studios.

For some stations, they have the ability to broadcast remotely into the radio station and then connect to a larger audience. For some stations, there is a complete suspension of all operations.

Either way, we want college radio stations to know that they can still participate in World College Radio Day. Even if you cannot broadcast during the day, we still want stations to participate with their social media, and to feel a part of this global event.

We believe that it’s more important that ever to remind audiences and university/college administrations that college radio still exists and plays a vital role in the campus, community and students’ lives as well.

We have developed a simple flow chart that shows how your college radio station can still be involved, whatever the circumstances this year:

Last updated 9/2/21