College Radio & Coronavirus: A National Zoom Meeting This Thursday

College Radio & Coronavirus: A National Zoom Meeting This Thursday

The College Radio Foundation is announcing a special meeting via Zoom, to take place this Thursday, March 19 at 2 pm ET.

This meeting will discuss ideas and strategies for college radio stations during this time, and is open to all college radio stations in the USA.

The meeting will explore such questions and topics such as:

What’s possible during this time, operationally, for college radio stations, even with little or no campus access?
How can students create programming and/or keep the radio station engaged with the community that it serves?
What technologies can be used to broadcast remotely?
How can you maintain morale of both students and listeners alike?
How can stations work with other stations to create programming to share with each other during this difficult time?

Those joining the conference call will be invited to ask questions and share ideas and strategies of their own. If possible, questions are invited in advance, please send them to [email protected]

The Zoom link to connect at 2 pm ET on 3/19:


Rob Quicke, Founder, College Radio Day & GM, WPSC at William Paterson University
David Oxenford, Attorney, with expertise concerning broadcasting, FCC and Coronavirus
Anabella Poland, President of College Radio Day & GM at WMSC at Montclair State University
Sean McDonald, Director at Neumann Media at Neumann University

Thanks to CBI for their assistance with this event