Announcing a new album for 2015!

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Here at College Radio Day Records, we’ve striven for nearly three years to continue cementing this medium’s legacy as a tastemaker and ground-breaker in the realm of brilliant, raw, underground music. Last year, the release of College Radio Day The Album: Volume 2 featured an entire disc of unsigned, nearly unknown, and downright beautiful tracks from college radio stations across these United States: featuring both the innovative bands’ untapped sounds and the studio-recording capability of the hosting college stations. From the start, these albums have been about two things and two things only: the promotion and support of independent unsigned art, as well laying the groundwork for the College Radio Fund which exists, in its entirety, to support college radio stations across the United States facing setbacks of any kind.

It is in the spirit of this independent art and a very deep love for the unwaveringly brazen institution of college radio that I am pleased to announce the newest album from College Radio Day Records:

I LOVE COLLEGE RADIO Volume 1 will be the best of all worlds: exclusively released digitally, it will feature previously unreleased tracks by bands that have inspired your stations, impressed your local audience, or made you listen so incessantly to the point of subconscious chorus mumbling. The release date is Tuesday, February 10, 2015.

The twist? We want YOU to champion these songs. It’s one thing to receive your submissions, but we want to take it a step further this year and will be requesting that a college radio DJ from the submitting school create a :30 audio love letter, so to speak, for the selected song. In essence, we want to hear, directly from you, why this song has so firmly nestled itself in the lore of your station and alleys of your mind. As always, every single penny this album makes will go directly to the College Radio Fund to support YOU and the art YOU create.

There is so much more to come in regards to this release: artists, artwork, announcements, alliteration, etc. but for now, only one thing matters…

SUBMIT! Send your songs to Reach out to bands you’ve had in studio, send us songs recorded in studio, bring back past favorite acts, whatever it takes: show us the bands that have made your station pause, for just a moment, to revel in the untapped wonder of a band getting its humble start. The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2014.

I look forward to your submissions, and long live college radio!

Eric Dolan





Director, College Radio Day Records