CRD Task Force

We are delighted to introduce to you the CRD 2017 Task Force!

Everyone in this team is firmly committed to making College Radio Day 2017 a huge success!

Jeff Szczesniak
(WDWN-FM Advisor and an Instructional Assistant at Cayuga Community College in Auburn, NY).
College Radio to me is a place where you can connect with and participate with people who have similar passions to learn a sense of community and how to become a better communicator and to creatively express yourself to achieve a goal of what you want to be and become.

Lance Liguez – 1st VICE-PRESIDENT

(Lecturer at the University of Texas at Arlington and the Faculty Advisor for UTA
College radio offers a chance to do something large, commercial stations can’t (or won’t do). It’s a little weird, a little subversive and an invaluable training ground for the next generation of broadcasters. Without college radio, students and local artists wouldn’t have an outlet to hone their craft.

Anabella Poland – 2nd VICE-PRESIDENT

(General Manager of 90.3 WMSC-FM, The Voice of Montclair State, NJ, where she also teaches Radio & Podcast Production).
“College Radio is the last bastion of freedom in radio. It is fearless and responds to the beat of its community. Ironically, in an age when local and regional newsrooms are being gutted, college radio shines brightest with programming that localizes music, news, sports and community issues while training the future generation of media executives.”


(Student at Texas Tech University, majoring in Advertising and is the Social Media and Website Director for the student-ran radio station, KTXT 88.1 The Raider at Texas Tech).
“College Radio is a connection for students and to students, for the surrounding area. It’s a connection to grow in every aspect and be heard. For most traditional students, getting their voice and creativity into the world has not happened prior to attending college. Once college radio is experienced, the memories and growth as a young adult can never be lost or replaced!”

Rob Quicke – FOUNDER

(General Manager at WPSC 88.7 FM and Associate Professor, William Paterson University in New Jersey).
“College radio changed my life, and there’s no doubt that it can have a huge impact on those students who get involved. It is a great way to make friends, discover new music, and prepare for a future career in a variety of different fields!”