Benefits & Discounts

Benefits & Discounts for Participating Stations
(World College Radio Day 2020 & College Radio Day 2020)

Please mention your station is a participant when contacting these companies

* Participating stations will be eligible for College Radio Station Grants as we give funding to the college radio stations that need it the most!

*FREE radio content to play on your station (sweepers, liners, exclusive interviews and content).


Students and professors can save up to 50%! The B&H EDU Advantage Program is the industry’s most rewarding educational discount program for college students and educators! Enjoy discounts on the tools and technology you need for your education. Join B&H EDU Advantage and start saving today! To join the EDU Advantage program visit For any questions, please contact

Hindenburg makes complex audio editing very easy for journalists and podcasters, allowing storytellers to focus on their stories while ensuring broadcast quality audio.

FREE Hindenburg Systems is offering every participating World College Radio Day / College Radio Day radio station this free software:
10 x 1-yr multi-user Hindenburg Broadcaster licenses ($2,000 value) for installation on station computers.

30 x 6-month Hindenburg Journalist PRO licenses that stations can distribute to employees/staff ($2,700 value) for installation on their home computers.


* 20% off for new stations signing up for Spinitron and free 90-day trial ($240 value)

If you’re a student or educator, get  30% off our regular rates, when you sign up for an Airtime Pro annual plan:
PLUS, for 2020, Airtime Pro is also running a competition to give away 10 Airtime Pro stations for free to educational institutions worldwide for a full year

*Live365 is offering a FREE first month and also 20% off total annual package. There are two promo codes for World College Radio Day participants: WorldCollegeRadioDayFreeMonth and WorldCollegeRadioDay20off

Is your student-run radio station streaming? If so, you probably need to get set up with SoundExchange to pay royalties. If you aren’t already doing so, please send us an email and tell us that you were prompted to contact us because of College Radio Day. We will work with you to get your station to join the hundreds of college stations across the country rewarding music creators by being compliant with statutory licensing regulations. You can contact us at